EMHS – ch233

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Chapter 233: Tit for Tat

    “Ah! What did you do to me? Why can’t I move?!”

    Shen Xiaoru suddenly screams.

    She seems to be trying to struggle with all her might, but no matter how she moves, there seems to be countless invisible threads linking together and firmly binding her.

    Preventing even the smallest bit of movement from her.

    Shen Jinglin is already walking towards her one step at a time, until he’s finally in front of her.

    “Shen Jinglin, I’m warning you, I’m a disciple of Zi Yang Zong. Zi Yang Zong is extremely protective, if you kill me… aaah–!!”

    Before Shen Xiaoru could finish saying her threats, she just hears a ‘thwack’.

    Her arm flies straight out.

    Blood sprays up!

    Shen Jinglin watches her with his bloodshot eyes, there isn’t the slightest bit of fluctuations inside them even with her miserable shrieks, “This sword is for everything that you’ve done to Yanyan back then.”


    “This sword is payback for Fang-er!”

    The sword slashes down for a second time, and Shen Xiaoru’s other hand flies out.

    She falls down to the ground, blood gushing out from her arms.

    The intense pain makes her whole body convulse again and again.

    At this moment, she finally gets scared, terrified. She twists her body to move back and escape, crying, “Don’t… don’t, brother, I was wrong, I was wrong! Spare me! I’m your younger sister, I’m your younger sister by blood!”

    Shen Jingling slowly lifts his sword again.

    Su Yuexiang suddenly comes to her senses, screaming and charging over, “Don’t kill her, don’t kill my daughter!”

    However, she has yet to rush in front of Shen Jinglin when she is ruthlessly kicked by someone from the Ink Camp.

    Su Yuexiang doubles over from the strike, and falls right in front of the Shen patriarch.

    As she meets his eyes which are brimming with resentment, a shudder runs over her.
    On the other side, Shen Jinglin’s sword falls for the third time, “This sword is for the reason that, even though things have come to this, you still want to hurt Yanyan!”

    Shen Xiaoru’s leg flies out.

    “A–!!” Shen Xiaoru makes a gasping screech. Her body gives a jerk, both of her eyes turn up, and she faints.

    From the open cut on her thigh, blood is pouring out like a spring.

    At the rate that the blood is flowing out, Shen Xiaoru will definitely die if this continues for a while longer.

    However, how can she be allowed to die so easily?

    Muyan softly plucks on the zither strings.

    Two distinct melodies intertwine with each other.

    The skills [Prison of a Painted Earth] and [Echo Recovery] fuse together.
    The blood actually stops flowing out from Shen Xiaoru’s thigh, and her eyes slowly open.

    Yet that violent pain doesn’t disappear. She opens her mouth wide, desperately gasping for breath, and she produces and anguished howl.

    This time, there is no longer any smugness in her eyes, only panic and cowardice remain.

    “Spare me! I beg you to spare me! Wuu, wuu… I’m a disciple of Zi Yang Zong, how can you do this to me?”

    Shen Jinglin laughs bitterly, “If Zi Yang Zong wants to look for someone to exact their vengeance upon, they can lay it all on me.”

    Saying that, the sword stabs down again, but it doesn’t chop off her only remaining leg.

    Instead, it directly pierces through her Qi Sea.

    Hoarse, blood-curdling screams once again comes out from Shen Xiaoru’s mouth. But this time, she could not even struggle. She can only stay limp and powerless on the floor, unable to budge.

    Shen Jinglin discards the bloody sword from his hands, turning slowly, and walks with difficulty towards Muyan. 

    “Yanyan, big brother has finally avenged you!” 

    He’s still in the middle of his words but the tears are already rolling down his eyes.

    Muyan smiles with a tenderness that cannot be put into words. She slowly nods, and just like when they were children, she shows a spoiled expression, “Mhm, I know that big brother will definitely protect Yanyan.”

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