EMHS – ch232

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Chapter 232: Deranged Shen Xiaoru

    “Jun Muyan, I’m telling you, I’m a disciple of Zi Yang Zong. If you dare to touch me, you’re dead. My Master and my senior brother won’t let you get away with it.”

    Chang Yu takes the wobbling Shen father by the arm, and assists him to sit down.

    The Shen patriarch’s eyes are bloodshot as he very fiercely glares at Su Yuexiang and Shen Xiaoru.

    The murderous air coming out from all over his body leads people to believe that, if only his Internal Force isn’t exhausted right now, if his body isn’t so weak,

    He would surely tear those two into pieces.

    “Speak! Five years ago, what did you do to Yanyan?! For her to lose her innocence, isn’t that also because of a sinister plot by you two animals?!” 

    “Hahahaha!” hearing the Shen father’s indignant questions, Shen Xiaoru couldn’t help but burst out laughing. The way she looks at Muyan shows that she is indeed inexplicably happy and proud of herself, “So what if it is?”

    “Who let Jun Muyan, this slut, have an appearance of a fox; she’s obviously not a biological daughter of the Shen family, but her treatment is better than mine, when I’m the real Eldest Miss of the Shen family! Even the men around me, each and every one of them had their spirits and souls turned upside down because they were seduced by her – completely ignoring me, how can I stand that!!”

    She seems to be remembering the grievances she was holding back before.

    Shen Xiaoru’s swollen pig-like face distorts in malevolence, then she once again smiles as if she’s completely happy with what she’s done.

    “That’s why, I took advantage when you and Shen Jinglin went out to travel, and had my mother send her to uncle’s home.”

    “Haha, but I know that useless cousin of mine have been drooling over this pretty slut for a long time already. I just casually instigated it, handed him some aphrodisiac, and he just couldn’t wait to get his hands on this slut…”

    Shen Xiaoru gets more excited the more she speaks, seemingly very pleased with her masterpiece from back then.

    But Su Yuexiang isn’t as brainless as she is.

    From Muyan’s every movement, she has become very aware that this woman is now very ruthless.

    “Ru-er, don’t say that!” Su Yuexiang pulls on Shen Xiaoru, forcing a smile, “I think you must’ve gone deranged, saying so much nonsense ah! Muyan is your little sister, you have always taken care of her, haven’t you?”

    “Are you kidding me?!” Shen Xiaoru is completely ungrateful to her efforts, screeching, “Who would let that fox-faced slut be their little sister? Pah! I really want to chop her up into thousands of pieces! Ma, why has your courage become so small now? What are you scared of? Even if they’ve eaten a bear’s heart and a leopard’s guts, they still wouldn’t dare to do anything to me. Don’t forget, I’m a disciple of Zi Yang Zong!”

    Saying that, she shakes off Su Yuexiang’s hold and continues complacently: “That time, five years ago, I originally wanted my cousin to bring a group of punks to toy with you to death. This slut, I didn’t expect that you would actually escape, even running into that forbidden area that no one in the entire Yanwu Continent would dare to enter.”

    “Slut, you are really lucky, otherwise you should have already died five years ago! But it doesn’t matter. Even if you weren’t toyed with to death, you still lost your innocence. Not only that, you even lost your chastity to a wild man who you still don’t know to this day. Getting pregnant without marriage, turning into everyone’s laughing stock, haha… Jun Muyan, what do you have that you can be so arrogant!”


    Shen Jinglin suddenly stands up, red-blood eyes glaring tenaciously at Shen Xiaoru, his body shaking because of the supreme effort to restrain his emotions.

    “Yanyan, can you let big brother deal with this woman?”

    Muyan insipidly smiles, “Of course.”

    As she says that, the sound of the zither spreads out from under her hand, producing a mellow and pleasant melody.

    What’s strange this time, is that the notes don’t turn into blades but seem to be flowing like a small stream, trickling into Shen Xiaoru by itself.

    [Prison of a Painted Earth], trapping her beyond hope.

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4 thoughts on “EMHS – ch232

  1. Shen Xiaoru keeps shouting “I’m a disciple of Zi Yang Zong.”. She forgets that this position of her is a stolen one. I am sure if Muyan is still in the family, it would have been hers.

    So what if she is a disciple of Zi Yang Zong. Her senior brother already doesn’t like her and I am sure with a few words from him, she can he kick out of being a disciple.

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