EMHS – ch231

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Chapter 231: Almost Falling Apart

    “You animal, I’ll kill you!! I will kill you with my own hands!!!” Shen father couldn’t bear it anymore and he abruptly gets up from the bed. He resolutely charges towards Shen Xiaoru.

    Shen Xiaoru wants to fight back, but the people of the Ink Camp are already guarding by the sides.

    How could she get the opportunity to strike back?
    As a result, the Shen patriarch very quickly has Shen Xiaoru pushed down to the floor.

    He raises his hand and ruthlessly slaps her face.

    Shen Xiaoru squeals like a pig, “You people dare to hit me, I am a disciple of Zi Yang Zong. Jun Muyan, if you dare to kill me, Zi Yang Zong wouldn’t let you get away with it! Aaah… save me, hurry up and save me! You idiots!”

    However, there’s no one there who’s paying attention to her.

    Only the sound of Shen-father’s slaps could be heard.


    Shen Jinglin’s body trembles uncontrollably. He couldn’t bear it any longer and he curls himself up into a ball.

    Tears gush down from his eyes.

    His despair and sadness wrap around him like a huge cage, one that would prevent him from being free one day.

    Muyan quickly helps him up, pressing a silver needle into an acupuncture point. She helps him cross this mountain pass.

    “Brother, don’t be like this. If Linfang-sister was still alive, she would definitely wish for you to live well.”

    Shen Jinglin slowly opens his eyes. A big iron-like man, is now crying like a child, “Yanyan, I’m so sorry for her. I caused her harm… even though I promised uncle that I can properly take care of her! But I let her suffer such a humiliation… I couldn’t protect you five years ago, and I similarly couldn’t protect Fang-er now. What’s the use of me being an older brother? What qualifications do I have to live?!”

    “Brother, that has nothing to do with you!” Muyan’s voice choked with emotion, tightly hugging Shen Jinglin’s trembling body, “I’m the one who should apologize. If only I let go of my resentments a little bit earlier, if only I came back a little bit sooner, you wouldn’t have to suffer so much pain. Brother, if you want to blame someone, then blame me!”

    Scalding tears fall down to Shen Jingling’s face, slowly calming and stabilizing his state of mind, which was already on the verge of collapse.

    Seeing the remorse in Muyan’s eyes, seeing Xiao Bao frightened and confused because of Muyan crying, tears slowly gathering in his huge eyes,

    Shen Jinglin suddenly realizes that he cannot fall apart, he cannot self-destruct. Otherwise, Yanyan will surely feel guilty all her life.

    “Yanyan, don’t cry.” Shen Jinglin reaches out to wipe the tears off from Muyan’s face. With a hoarse voice, “How can you be blamed for these? Without you, I probably wouldn’t know the truth all my life. You can rest assured that your brother won’t crumble down, this big brother will keep on living well. When my illness is cured, big brother will still protect you.”

    Muyan holds back her tears and gives a firm nod.

    Shen Jinglin gently strokes her head, and it’s just as soft as when they were children, whenever he would placate her after teasing her.

    Although the little sister before his eyes has already become so powerful, there’s almost nothing she couldn’t do,

    In Shen Jinglin’s heart, she is still the one from five years ago, the one who likes to follow behind him, calling him big brother, the one who would secretly sniffle and cry, the little girl who would smile sweetly towards him.

    “Brother, the people who really deserve punishment are those animals that are cruel beyond reason.”

    Muyan wipes off her tears, withdrawing the character of that little girl who hasn’t shown herself for the past five years. Her cold eyes turn towards Su Yuexiang and her daughter, as well as the people of the Lu family.

    Being stared at by her clear monochrome eyes, Lu Yongli and Su Yuexiang are both so scared, they’re shaking uncontrollably from head to foot, close to fainting.

    Only Shen Xiaoru is still arrogantly clamoring, even if she already looks like a pig because of the beating.

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