EMHS – ch221

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 221: The Same Illness

Muyan snorts, “Cannot absolutely guarantee to cure it, can’t even determine the illness, and you still want my brother to enter your family – do you think you could make a fool out of our Shen family?”

“You–!” Dr. Zhou’s complexion bursts into green then white, “Good good, since you don’t believe this old man, then this old man can’t treat him!!”

Dr. Zhou looks as if he’s about to leave.

But Zhou Huanu can only see Muyan destroying her marriage. Her ugly face suddenly twists, shrieking loudly as she pounces on Muyan, “Dare to snatch my man, watch me tear up that cheap mouth of yours!”

“Yanyan, look out!” Shen Jinglin fearfully cries out, desperately wanting to rush over and shield Muyan.

Before he can move however, Xiao Bao has already extended a fair and delicate finger.

He lightly taps the void towards Zhou Huanu.

In a split second, her entire body stiffens, unable to move a single step.

Muyan slowly walks towards the frightened Zhou Huanu’s side, she drawls: “In fact, it would be really easy to confirm if Dr. Zhou can or cannot do anything to treat my father’s illness. We just need to find a patient with the same illness, then test the treatment!”

“You, hurry and let my daughter go!” Dr. Zhou yells in panic and anger.

Hearing Muyan’s words, he expresses disdain, “What a joke. Why don’t you try and find a patient with the same illness, so this old man could take a look? As long as you find one, this old man will immediately treat him for you to see!”

Muyan’s mouth lifts up into a bright and beautiful smile, “Then, it’s settled.”

As soon as she says that, Muyan suddenly pries Zhou Huanu’s lower jaw and pours in a bottle of draught, then closes her jaws back together.

Dr. Zhou jumps in anger and dashes over with large strides, “Smelly girl, what do you want to do to my daughter!? If anything bad happens to my Nunu, I’ll have you pay with your life!”

Muyan pushes lightly, sending Zhou Huanu towards Dr. Zhou.

The latter is just about to examine his daughter’s condition, when Zhou Huanu’s sour face suddenly becomes distorted.

She abruptly opens her mouth like a beast of prey, and ferociously bites down on Dr. Zhou’s neck.

“Aaah–!!” Dr. Zhou cries out like a dying pig.

With great difficulty, he tries to pull away from Zhou Huanu.

Muyan grabs a chain, and with a wave, it goes towards Zhou Huanu and securely binds her.

Dr. Zhou covers his bloody neck and looks at his daughter.

He’s met with the sight of his own daughter madly and relentlessly struggling, trying and rush at people with her bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, the flesh from his neck still hanging there.

Beast-like howls come out from her mouth every now and then.

These symptoms, are actually… really exactly the same with that of the Shen patriarch’s.

Shen Jinglin is struck dumb. He looks at Zhou Huanu, then looks at Muyan again, “Yanyan, you…”

Muyan turns her head and sends a light smile towards him, “Didn’t I tell you, brother? I have a little bit of medical skills.”

Being able to reproduce an exact copy of father’s illness, this… this is still what you call ‘a little bit of medical skills’?!

Like she could guess his thoughts, Muyan’s voice rings again, “That’s why, brother, you don’t need to worry so much. Whether it’s your leg, or father’s life, I will take it all back. Even if… I have to wrestle it out of the underworld’s grasp!”

Muyan’s voice is very soft, only Shen Jinglin and Xiao Bao could hear it.

But this light sound is like a sudden clap of thunder, a roar echoing in Shen Jinglin’s ears.

The part of his heart that had been deathly still, moves a little.

Will father… really get better? Can his leg really recover? He… really doesn’t need to enter the Zhou family anymore?

On the other hand, Su Yuexiang and her daughter, as well as Dr. Zhou- all of them are in shock at Zhou Huanu’s appearance. They are rendered speechless for a very long time.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


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  2. They’re doing the same thing as that evil princess..
    They’re causing the tragedy, and then playing an act as the saviors..
    It’s kind of obvious now that Muyan made Zhou Huanu drink that draught to produce the exact same symptoms that the Shen patriarch had been poisoned..


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