EMHS – ch212

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 212: Resurgence

Shame and anguish flash through Shen Jinglin’s eyes because of the jeering voices.

Yet he still straightens his back and refuses to take even half a step in retreat.

Muyan lightly pats him on the shoulder, and gently says: “Brother, don’t worry, let me handle them.”

Saying so, she goes around Shen Jingling and calmly steps forward.

“What are you…”

Snap–! Snap–! Snap–! …

The small servants have yet to react when their eyes catch sight of a flash.

After that, a burning pain bursts on their faces.

In a blink of an eye, indeed, several large slap marks show up on them.

Muyan brushes her clothes a bit, lifting her eyes to look at a certain place, “Such foul mouths, have you not learned to speak properly? Then I shall teach you all how to speak!”

As soon as her voice falls, those small servants suddenly seem to have fallen under a spell.

They raise their hands and slap their own faces again and again.

After a while, every servant’s face has swollen like a pig’s head.

But against reason, each and every one of them seem to extremely enjoy it. Every time they throw a slap on their faces, they reveal enchanted and relaxed expressions.

This scene is really, utterly strange.

The steward is completely unable to deal with the pain of his own shattered kneecap as he points a shaking finger to Muyan, “Y-you-you… who are you in the end? Do you know where this is? If you offend our Master, you won’t have a good ending!”

Muyan snorts and steps forward. She lifts a foot and kicks.

The steward produces a miserable shriek once again, and he flies off like a kite that has it’s string broken.

He crashes and breaks through the wooden door, plunging straight into the Shen family’s anteroom.

“You want to know who I am? I better let your Master tell you!”

Inside, Su Yuexiang and Shen Xiaoru are startled in the middle of their scheming.

They look at the steward, covered in blood and leg bones shattered; he has already lost consciousness.

They then look at Muyan as she holds Xiao Bao and unhurriedly walks in. They couldn’t suppress a shudder.

There’s an instinctive fear. In their core, there’s an impulse to flee.

Nevertheless, Muyan chuckles and she helps Shen Jinglin to sit down first. Then, with a leisurely attitude, she carries Xiao Bao and casually takes a seat, “Aunt Su, it’s truly been a while!”

Su Yuexiang stares blankly for quite a long time, before her expression turns strict, saying, “Muyan, what are you up to? Not coming back for several years, but showing off in front of me as soon as you’ve returned – is this what you should do as a daughter? Still not quickly kneeling down to me?”

Muyan looks up, a smile of ridicule on her face, “Su Yuexiang, who do you think you are to make me kneel down to you?”

Su Yuexiang is completely stunned.

She can’t think how that pushover Muyan from before-

Coming back after five years, she has unexpectedly become so assertive.

Someone like her who didn’t complain when hit, today, she actually dares to talk back.

“Someone come! Come, catch her for me!”

From outside the room, a wave of people rapidly bursts in.

It’s that group of small servants who beat their own faces until they look like pigs.

Muyan sees their appearance, and she can’t help giggle and laugh, “What? You guys still think that you haven’t been slapped enough, so you all want to give it another go?”

As this statement comes out, the servants simultaneously retreat for several steps in horror, like they’ve seen a ghost.

Then, no matter how Su Yuexiang urges, no matter how Shen Xiaoru curses- they all shrink back shivering, not daring to advance.

Muyan clicks her tongue and shakes her head, sighing: “Aunt Su, there’s no need for this, right? We haven’t seen each other for a long time, does Aunt Su not want to chat with me and reminisce?”

Su Yuexiang’s complexion turns green and white. It takes her a very long time for her to clench her teeth and tell the small servants to withdraw, along with the unconscious steward.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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