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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 209: “Little Old Man”

“Is that really Jun Muyan?” Su Yuexiang’s voice suddenly interjects.

Shen Xiaoru turns around and nods: “Yes ma, that slut Jun Muyan unexpectedly didn’t die! I suspect that aunt and cousin’s deaths are definitely linked to that slut’s work! Ma, making that slut fall into the field of living death, it’s also my revenge for my aunt and cousins.”

Still, Su Yuexiang disdainfully curls her lips, then she slightly puckers her brows.

You can say that Su Yuexiang completely lacks any deep affection when it comes Su Zhiyong’s family.

It’s because that Su Zhiyong’s side is really too much of a waste, too useless.

The older brother Su Ding’an is already in his forties but is just in the middle of Primary Stage. Su Zhiyong didn’t even reach Primary Stage before dying, just an Entry Level martial practitioner.

She only had them deal with Jun Muyan that time, because it’s better to send them away and they’re not likely to attract any attention.

If this kind of wastes die, then they’re dead – she, Su Yuexiang won’t place them in her eyes.

Just, how can Jun Muyan come back alive?

The image of those black men couldn’t help but emerge within Su Yuexiang’s mind, coming to her lounge and identifying the origin of Jun Muyan and the blood of her unborn child.

Those men in black were so terrifyingly strong.

Didn’t that group kill Jun Muyan?

Why is that woman allowed to live?

“Ma, what’s wrong? Could it be that you don’t approve to have that slut marry over as my replacement?”

Shen Xiaoru’s voice makes Su Yuexiang come back to herself, “I approve, of course I approve. Ru-er has really grown up, you can already help your Ma with worries and difficulties. Hehe… Jun Muyan who got pregnant out of marriage back then, she had already lost her chastity, this slut who’s as fickle as water – for the Lu family to lift her up with an eight-carrier palanquin and marry her in, she should laugh up to her sleeves.”

“During this time however, we must find someone to watch her closely. By all means, we cannot let her run away before the Lu family comes to pick her up.”


In the courtyard.

Muyan skins a grape and places it on Xiao Bao’s mouth. With a soft chuckle, “Baby, don’t be so serious. If you wrinkle your brows too much, you’ll turn into a little old man.”

Xiao Bao jolts.

That annoying lecher immediately comes to mind!

In the future, is he going to become a “little old man” like that lecher?


Xiao Bao makes his cheeks bulge, slightly bending his brows and eyes up, all to exhibit that he has smiled.

However, this look of a little grown-up amuses Muyan, making her laugh and sway to and fro.

When she has laughed enough, she asks: “Why is my baby so angry?”

Xiao Bao’s expression suddenly becomes severe, “Because they want to scheme against niangqin!”

Just a moment ago, he was simply going around the area at will, Internal Force operating at his ear cavity.

All the sounds inside the house were transmitted into his ears.

Bad eggs want to scheme against niangqin, he won’t let those bad eggs get away with it!

Xiao Bao clenches his small fists, “Xiao Bao will protect niangqin!”

With a smile that isn’t a smile, Muyan looks at the house that Shen Xiaoru went into.

Shen Xiaoru had asked her to wait here for now.

So she didn’t get in, just waiting here.

But that doesn’t mean that she’s not aware of the what happened inside.

Muyan withdraws her gaze. She carries Xiao Bao and kisses him on the cheek, “Don’t worry about those boring things. Doesn’t Xiao Bao want to sight-see with niangqin, and see the place where nianqin grew up?”

Xiao Bao immediately nods, and although there is no expression on his little face, his blue irises have the brightness of a full moon.

“There used to be a swing here, daddy personally set it up for me.”

“As children, we would often catch fishes from this pond. Catching the fish, older brother was in charge of roasting, I was in charge of eating.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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