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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 202: I’m Sorry, She is Dead

“Oh, that’s right, there’s still one thing I forgot to tell you.” Muyan drawls, “I’ve already informed the Ghost City that no matter who buys the draughts that I’ve refined, it should never fall on you or the Su family’s hand. Otherwise, the moment I find out, I would immediately terminate my cooperation with the Ghost City. Say, will Ghost City still sell you the draught?”

“Jun Muyan, you slut, I’ll kill you!”

Shen Xiaoru couldn’t bear it anymore, so she bares fangs and brandishes claws, rushing towards Muyan.

Gao Chenyu suddenly charges out like a slanting thorn, hitting Shen Xiaoru into a gourd. He fawningly laughs towards Muyan: “Miss Jun, this Shen Xiaoru is extremely annoying, please don’t mind it. Our junior sister Lin going missing is also because of her, that’s why we can’t go back to the sect right now.”

“Junior sister Lin?”

“Yeah, Lin-sister is also Yichen-brother’s fiancée, called Lin Sitong.” Gao Chenyu says indignantly, they’re childhood sweethearts and originally decided to get married next year. Who would have imagined that Lin-sister, who was with Shen Xiaoru outside the Fog Forest at that time, would suddenly go missing. We searched everywhere, high and low, and we can’t find her.”

Lin Sitong, Bai Yichen…

Sitong… Yichen-brother…

–Yichen… brother… I had… promised to be his… his bride…

–Girl… beg you to help me… give this to Yichen-brother’s… hand, tell him that he mustn’t… be sad…

Muyan suddenly opens her eyes wide, walking with quick steps to face Bai Yichen.

A flip of her wrist, and a dark-green jade bracelet with blood-red vein lines appears on her palm: “Do you recognize this?”

As soon as Bai Yichen sees this jade bracelet, the pupils of his eyes shrink.

He grabs Muyan’s wrists just as hurriedly and shouts: “Where did this come from? Sitong? Have you seen her? Where is she now?!”

This jade-like gentleman before her eyes, all of a sudden throws away all of his mild and kindly bearing.

Only intense eagerness and longing remain within his eyes.

Muyan remembers that young lady who died in the Fog Forest.

Even if her Dantian was shattered, although she’s riddled with wounds, even though she was suffering so much,

She was only concerned about her Yichen-brother, if he’ll be heartbroken, if he’ll be sad.

She says with a soft sigh: “I’m sorry, she is dead, she died in the Fog Forest.”

“When I saw her, she was on her last breath, and I was unable to reverse a hopeless situation.”

A horrible shudder runs through Bai Yichen, and he goes rigid from head to foot. His gentle voice turns rough and piercing, “You’re lying!! How could Sitong possibly die?! Tell me, where is Sitong right now? I will go to her at once!”

Gao Chenyu abruptly comes to his senses as well, “Lin-sister is dead? How is this possible?”

He stares terrified towards Bai Yichen.

If Sitong-sister is dead, what should senior brother do?

In spite of Bai Yichen’s oddness, Muyan takes a step forward and grabs his hand, placing the jade bracelet on his palm, “She was killed, but before she died, she wasn’t thinking about revenge, she wasn’t grieving about her own misfortune. There was only one thought in her heart and mind.”

“Bai Yichen, her last words, don’t you want to hear it?”

Bai Yichen immediately lifts his head, his eyes are red, firmly wide open.

After a long while, he says in a hoarse voice: “What… did she say?”

“She asked me to give this jade bracelet to you, then tell you that she’s sorry, she can’t be your bride. However, she hopes that you won’t feel sad… only if you live properly, would she be able to close her eyes and die in contentment.”

“Ah–!!” a pained cry rips out of Bai Yichen’s throat.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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