EMHS – ch201

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 201: Another Idiot

Under the moonlight, the youth’s somewhat pale, yet graceful and peerless appearance is revealed before the others.

His face is like the mid-autumn moon, with the color of a spring flower.

Lovely and slender, an incomparable gongzi.

The first talent, famous far and wide throughout this Yanwu Continent, surprisingly has a face of a beautiful woman, with elegant and refined features.

No wonder he always wears a mask.

Majestic Internal Force is emitting out of Bai Yichen’s body.

The powerful pressure terrifies the surrounding red-tailed wolves, halting their movements.

In the next moment, the long sword soars up in the sky, splitting into a multitude of swords, and stream down.

The image of those swords dissipate, leaving only the wolves’ corpses on the ground.

The whole audience is silent, and in that moment, the Strange Beasts hiding in the dark are also frightened, and not one of them dares to move forward anymore.

Shen Xiaoru stares obsessively at Bai Yichen’s unparalleled face.

She goes forward, intending to hold Bai Yichen’s hand, “Brother, thank you for saving me. If it wasn’t for you, Xiaoru would already be dead from the wolf’s claws. No matter how senior brother would want to have Xiaoru repay you, Xiaoru would…”

However, without waiting for Shen Xiaoru to finish her sentence,

Bai Yichen has already quickly walked to Muyan and Xiao Bao, “Are you two all right?”

Muyan looks at his face, there’s a minuscule flash in her eyes, “You are that exceptional genius of Zi Yang Zong, Bai Yichen?”

“That’s right, my senior brother is that famous Bai Yichen.” Shen Xiaoru takes a step forward, very fiercely glaring at Muyan, “Know my brother’s identity and status now? Do you think my senior brother will look at someone like you, this kind of lowlife broken shoes? I advise you not to be carried away by your own wishful thinking!”

Shen Xiaoru’s speaking voice is still falling when she suddenly hears a heavy ‘bang’ by her ears.

Immediately after, there’s a pain on her cheeks and half of her face becomes swollen for no reason.

Shen Xiaoru produces a pig-like bawl.

No one cares for her.

Only Xiao Bao sends her a cold glare, then he withdraws his little hand and holds onto Muyan once again.

Muyan chuckles and grasps her son’s tiny hand, while her other wrist turns and a porcelain bottle appears on the hollow of the palm, “This is the Philter of Barrier Breaking. A bottle will allow people at Earth Stage or lower to break through a bottleneck.”

Gao Chenyu’s eyes turn green as he stares at this Philter, he gulps, “Miss, Miss Jun, you… are you willing to sell to us? I want to buy it for whatever price!”

Muyan casually tosses the porcelain bottle and it lands on Gao Chenyu’s chest.

He catches it in a fluster, shivering hand clasping around the bottle. He then foolishly looks towards Muyan, “Miss Jun, I still don’t have the money on me!”

Xiao Bao rolls his eyes, “Another idiot!”

Muyan shakes her head, saying: “No need, this Philter is to reciprocate Bai-gongzi’s thoughtfulness when he gave us that lantern.”

Gao Chenyu completely didn’t expect that such a large meat pie would fall on his head.

He’s immediately all-smiles that you almost couldn’t see his face, he expresses his gratitude to Muyan again and again, receiving the bottle and very carefully putting it away.

“That’s mine!” Shen Xiaoru sees that Gao Chenyu unexpectedly gets a Philter of Barrier Breaking, and the pain on her face is unbearable. She rushes to Muyan all of a sudden, “Quickly, I also need to break through a bottleneck, quickly give me the Philter of Barrier Breaking.”

Muyan lets out a mocking chuckle, looking at her in ridicule, “Shen Xiaoru, do you think I’ll give you a draught?”

Seeing the chill in Muyan’s eyes, Shen Xiaoru has a sudden jolt.

She clenches her teeth and thinks: Hmph, I won’t buy it if I can’t! There’s already an auction of the special draught in the Ghost City. As long as I go home and ask mother for money, would I still be afraid that I won’t be able to obtain a Philter of Barrier Breaking?

“Oh, that’s right, there’s still one thing I forgot to tell you.” Muyan drawls.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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