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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 197: What a Beauty!

Muyan nods, then she looks at Chen Qingfeng, “You’ve really decided to go to Tianyuan City with me? After all, your ancestral home is still here.”

Chen Qingfeng nods without the slightest hesitation, “From the day I’ve decided to follow Miss Jun, I’m already the Miss’ person. Wherever you are is where my mother and I should be. What’s more, if not for you, I would have already lost my only family, let alone my ancestral home.”

Muyan sees his resolute expression and doesn’t say anything more, only picking Xiao Bao up and boarding the carriage.

Before she puts the carriage curtains down, her eyes can’t help but wander to the courtyard next to Junji Drugstore.

Di Ming Jue…

In the end, he’s only a passing traveler in her and Xiao Bao’s life.

Muyan gently shakes her head and lets go of the curtain.

The carriage slowly goes towards the gates of Xia’an.


City Gate.

“Senior brother, are you going back to Tianyuan City with me? It happens that Xia’an City and Tianyuan City are so close, my mother really wants to meet you!” Shen Xiaoru sticks to Bai Yichen’s side, incessantly chattering about.

Gao Chenyu can only roll his eyes, looking disgusted.

Bai Yichen has an indifferent expression, not even dignifying it with a reply.

A sinister glint flashes through Shen Xiaoru’s eyes, then she says in a spoiled manner: “Senior brother, I’m afraid that you still don’t know that this time, Jun Muyan will return to the Shen family with me!”

Sure enough, Bai Yichen raises his head because of those words.

Even Gao Chenyu can’t help but say: “Are you talking rubbish? Why would that godly refiner go with you?”

Getting Bai Yichen’s attention, Shen Xiaoru is pleased with herself.

But thinking that this attention is because she mentioned Muyan’s name, there’s a sudden burst of jealousy in her heart.

However, she still puts on an expression of light clouds and gentle winds, “Muyan is my Shen family’s adopted daughter, isn’t it proper and to be expected for her to go back the the Shen family and repay the grace of raising her? My mother will look for a good match for Muyan-sister…”

Before she could finish her words, they could see a carriage speeding towards them.

It stops at the city gate, and Muyan steps down from it, wearing a moon-white dress.

The light of the morning sun falls on her elegant and gorgeous countenance, and it seems to add a layer of radiance on the whole person.

Gao Chenyu is practically gaping, muttering: “What a beauty!”

Even Bai Yichen has ripple within his eyes.

Both of Shen Xiaoru’s hands are frimly clenched into fists, and it’s a long while before she could contain herself and walk forward with a smile: “Muyan-sister, how come you’ve only arrived now?”

She reaches out to grab the other’s hand to show affection, but it is pushed away by Feng Haitang.

The glamorous face is cold, without a trace of expression, “Pardon, our lady doesn’t like contact with strangers.”

“You, an insignificant servant, actually dares to tell me what to do! Who do you think you are?!

Saying so, she raises a hand, intending to slap that beautiful face of Feng Haitang.

However, when her hand is up in the air, a large, bulky and fan-like hand firmly captures it.

“Aaah, ow, ow! Quickly let go!” Shen Xiaoru’s features twist in pain, and the bones on her hand makes a creaking sound.

At this, Yan Haotian ruthlessly throws her hand off, and takes several steps away from her.

He then looks at Feng Haitang in concern, just in time to meet the other’s eyes which are filled with deep love and devotion.

Yan Haotian’s heart jumps, but he doesn’t get carried away and he keeps his own face expressionless.

Feng Haitang sighs softly, and slowly steps back to stand by Muyan’s side.

Shen Xiaoru staggers where she’s standing. Stroking her own swollen hand, she’s almost crazy from anger.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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