EMHS – ch195

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 195: Ghost City Wants to Cooperate

Even those extremely devoted to Gong Qianxue, those men who adore her, they have no other choice but to retreat three day’s march away whenever they see her.

That’s because she smells so bad! You have to block up your nose if you approach her, otherwise, you’ll throw up yesterday’s meal.

Gong Qianxue’s lungs are simply going to burst with rage, shrieking with an entrenched hostility, “Jun Muyan, you wait for me, I will certainly let you die without a burial site!!”

On the second day, she directly leaves Jing Cheng Country and sets out to the Heavenly Road Sect.

She had already tried all the famous doctors and apothecaries in Jing Cheng, but none of them can solve this strange poison.

The only one in the world who might be able help her is her senior brother Jian Feng in Heavenly Road Sect.


What’s happening in Jing Cheng is unknown to Muyan who is at the distant Chi Yan.

At this very moment, she’s in the middle of receiving an unexpected guest.

The Ghost King of Xia’an’s Ghost City, Xia Yi.

Xia Yi’s expression is very respectful as he gets straight to the point: “Miss Jun, I’ve come to you today to extend Ghost City’s sincerity and good faith, hoping that we can have a cooperation with you.”

Muyan raises her brows, “Cooperation? Are you talking about the special grade draughts?”

Xia Yi shows a forced smile and nods: “Your guess is correct, I’ve come to ask Miss Jun to supply some special grade draughts to our Ghost City every month. We can purchase them for double the price of how much Junji Drugstore sells them for.”

Muyan has a smile that isn’t a smile as she says: “You should know my policy.”

Xia Yi replies: “Ghost City doesn’t want to break Miss Jun’s policy, but the number of special draughts that Junji Drugstore puts up for sale everyday is extremely small… I believe that with Miss Jun’s capabilities, refining another batch of those draughts must be a simple matter. This way, it shouldn’t be breaking the rules, right?”

Xia Yi is really at a loss.

Because of the existence of the special draughts from Junji Drugstore, almost everyone in Xia’an who wants to buy a draught would run to the Junji Drugstore.

Ghost City’s business has become an empty shell.

If they go on like this, maybe even the Ghost City’s prestige will be damaged.

Had this been other refiners, Ghost City would have already taken things away by force.

But as it happened, they’ve run into this star of disaster.

“It wouldn’t break the rules.” Muyan says playfully, “But why should I refine another batch?”

Xia Yi clenches his teeth. He gets up and respectfully hands a dark purple token to Muyan, “This is the Shenshu* token of my Ghost City. This special token hasn’t been given to anyone for almost three hundred years. If you present this Shenshu token to any of the Ghost Cities in Yanwu Continent, you can enjoy privileges that are second only to Ghost Kings. Command with a Shenshu token, and all the Magistrates and Ghost Envoys would listen to the order. This is my Ghost City expressing sincerity to Miss Jun.”

  • One of the earliest door gods, found in the Mountain and Sea Classic.

Muyan blinks for a bit, and her eyes fall on that purple token. Slowly, “I won’t necessarily be staying in Xia’an for a while.”

“That wouldn’t be an issue.” Xia Yi notices some slack in her voice, and he’s immediately stimulated, “My Ghost City in Chi Yan, Jing Cheng and Huang Yao has the same entryway, and the staff and informers are actually found in all cities. Miss Jun, no matter where you are, our cooperation can continue, and it will never trouble you to run back and forth.”

Muyan thinks for a moment, then the corners of her mouth slowly curl up, “Alright, it’s a deal!”


She just bid Xia Yi goodbye, and Muyan is preparing to accompany Xiao Bao to practice in a little while.

Haitang enters to report: “Miss, Shen Xiaoru is seeking an audience.”

“Shen Xiaoru? Seeking an audience?” this time, Muyan is really surprised.

Very quickly however, she reveals a meaningful smile, “Invite her in!”

Although she already knew that Shen Xiaoru would definitely look for her again, she truly didn’t expect that it would be this soon. Moreover… to seek an audience.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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