EMHS – ch188

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 188: Fawning

Only Bai Yichen has a pensive expression as he sweeps his gaze over Muyan and Xiao Bao, then a hint of understanding flashes through his eyes.

Shen Xiaoru struggles to get up from the floor, her eyes are almost about to spurt fire.

The way she is right now is so different from just a while ago. She had a fairy-like air when she fluttered inside the restaurant, like she was free from dust and vulgarities.

She has an open gash on her forehead, blood flowing down all over her face.

Even the white clothes she’s wearing is covered in food and grease.

That appearance, such a sorry state to look at, such a funny scene to see.

Some people already can’t suppress their muffled laughter.

“Aargh! Slut, slut, I’m going to kill you! I’m going to kill you!” Shen Xiaoru loses control and she pulls out the sword on her waist, going forward as she fiercely moves to strike.

But before she could slash with her sword, someone has already caught her wrist.

Bai Yichen is by her side without her noticing when. He looks at her coldly, “You haven’t caused enough disturbance yet? Haven’t you lost enough face for Zi Yang Zong already?”

Shen Xiaoru can be willful and unruly to anyone, but she doesn’t dare to be rash when facing Bai Yichen.

It’s just, the more Bai Yichen protects Muyan, the more she hates Muyan.

“Senior brother, do you know just who this slut is? She is my Shen family’s adopted daughter, called Jun Muyan. In the Shen family and the Su family, it’s become known to everybody, known to everyone, that this slut is as fickle as flowing water, she doesn’t know honor and shame. Just going out for a trip, and she unexpectedly had illicit relations with a wild man, even having a bastard. My aunt’s family offered to shelter her out of kindness, didn’t expect that she would burn my aunt to death and secretly run away.”

“These years, who knows how many men she’s been with, just to feed and clothe herself and that mongrel.” Shen Xiaoru says through gritted teeth, “Now that she’s down and out like this, she must’ve been discarded by her wild man and that’s why she’s reduced to begging. Brother, this woman can have very high tricks, you mustn’t let her fool you!”

Shen Xiaoru’s words makes Bai Yichen’s complexion more and more unsightly, and he throws off her hand.

Before he could say anything however, a woman with a seductive figure hastily comes in from the entrance.

As soon as they see this woman, someone from the crowd immediately cries out in surprise, “Hey, it’s miss Ru Yan!”

“It really is Junji Drugstore’s miss Ru Yan!”

“Miss Ru Yan, how come you’re here? Are there any special grade draughts still available for sale today?”

The woman who entered has a powdered peach face, appearing tender and beautiful. Who is it if not Ru Yan?

Within the state of Xia’an, who doesn’t know Ru Yan?

She was the Ghost Envoy responsible for presiding over the Ghost City’s Beast Fighting Colosseum.

More than that, she is now the shopkeeper of the very popular Junji Drugstore.

In Xia’an, which practitioner doesn’t want to fawn over her and curry her favor, hoping that they can buy even one more bottle of those special-grade draughts from her hands.

Seeing Ru Yan, even Gao Chenyu is pleasantly surprised and rushes over. Greeting her respectfully: “Miss Ru Yan, nice to meet you.”

When they came to Xia’an this time, in addition to aimlessly looking for the missing junior sister Lin Sitong,

It’s also because they’ve heard that in Xia’an, there’s a miraculous draught for sale, one that can make someone break through bottlenecks.

Though Bai Yichen himself doesn’t need it.

But Gao Chenyu and Shen Xiaoru have been stuck in their respective bottlenecks for a long time already.

If they can get one Philter of Barrier Breaking, that would really be their great fortune.

Unfortunately, it’s really too difficult to buy that special-grade draught from the Junji Drugstore.

To the extent that they’ve already scheduled a month in advance, but they still didn’t get their turn.

Even Shen Xiaoru, upon hearing miss Ru Yan’s name, she abandons Muyan and rushes over, “Miss Ru Yan, I am Shen Xiaoru of Zi Yang Zong. I want to buy a Philter of Barrier Breaking from you. You can name your price, I’ll pay you even if you want a million gold coins.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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