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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 187: Flicked Bone

“This…” getting bossed by Shen Xiaoru this much, the waiter seems to be placed in a difficult situation. He looks at Muyan somewhat hesitantly.

Muyan raises her head, and just as she’s about to talk,

Bai Yichen unexpectedly stands up, slowly saying: “I will pay for this girl.”

Saying that, he raises his hand and a purse is tossed to the waiter, “Would these gold coins be enough?”

The waiter doesn’t need to open it and take a look, as he just weighs it on his hand. Immediately grinning from ear to ear, “Enough, enough! Many thanks to gongzi! Our humble restaurant will surely deliver the rest of the dishes to this miss as soon as possible.”

Muyan looks up at Bai Yichen and she can’t help but raise her eyebrows once again.

Really… what a coincidence!

Surprisingly another acquaintance.

Even Xiao Bao, who’s sitting by the side, also whispers, “Rabbit lantern.”

That’s right, the masked youth in white clothes is the person who gave Xiao Bao the rabbit lantern during the Lantern Festival.

When he sees Muyan looking over, Bai Yichen cups his hands towards her.

From this act, it’s very clear that the other recognizes the two them.

Muyan can only chuckle and lift up her wine cup, giving a toast, “Many thanks.”

The girl right now, even if dirt covers her whole face, it still couldn’t conceal that brilliance and splendor.

Then Xiao Bao also lifts up his teacup, giving a toast, his posture is exactly like Muyan’s, “Thank you!”

Bai Yichen looks at Xiao Bao’s appearance, like a tiny grownup. The corners of his mouth can’t help but hook up.

Gao Chenyu sees the smile drawing on Bai Yichen’s mouth, which is below his mask, and it’s just like he’s seeing a ghost.

Yichen-brother is actually smiling.

Although Bai Yichen is publicly recognized as a genius of the Yanwu Continent, he’s never been high-spirited or smug about himself.

Since he was little, he rarely ever laughs. Only smiling once in a while, even in front of Lin Sitong-sister.

And after Lin-sister had gone missing, his temperament has become more and more cold and lonely.

He didn’t expect that today, Yichen-brother would actually reveal a smile while facing a beggar-like girl and a dirty child.

Since Gao Chenyu sees such an incredibly rare smile, how can Shen Xiaoru miss it when she’s always paying close attention to Bai Yichen?

At this moment, her features that could still be regarded as dainty, completely twists into something sinister.

Jun Muyan! This slut Jun Muyan, really a fox with no sense of shame.

Five years ago, all those men also lost their souls to her.

Now, even after five years when she’s already given birth to a bastard, and has even become a filthy beggar, she still has this fox’s skill to charm.

“Jun Muyan, you just have to be so shameless! Actually making my senior brother pay for you… to have the impertinence to seduce my senior brother, I’m going to tear your face into pieces!” Shen Xiaoru couldn’t bear it anymore so she takes a brisk step forward, raises her hand and aims to claw Muyan’s face.

“A–! Look out!” someone from the crowd spontaneously cries out.

Gao Chenyu shouts in alarm: “Shen Xiaoru, stay your hand, you’re going too far!”

Everyone’s under the impression that Muyan will surely be very tragic.

That’s because Shen Xiaoru is a student of Zi Yang Zong.

But Shen Xiaoru’s slap has yet to connect when Xiao Bao lightly flicks out a piece of bone that he’s holding.

Smack–, a loud sound.

Shen Xiaoru’s entire body goes flying back, heavily hitting another table.

The guests sitting at that table cry out in fear and move away from where they were sitting.

Shen Xiaoru curls up on the ground, pressing down her hands on her bloody forehead. She loudly wails in pain, unable to get up for a long while.

Everyone in the dining restaurant has a dumbfounded face.

They don’t know what happened at all.

Shen Xiaoru was going to beat up Muyan, so why is it that Muyan is fine while she herself goes flying out?

Just what happened in that split second?

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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