EMHS – ch186

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 186: Beggar?

Shen Xiaoru sees her face and thinks that her words have finally hit the other’s sore spot, so her overcast complexion immediately turns sunny. She chuckles: “I really didn’t expect it ah, Jun Muyan, not only did you not die back then, you even went into hiding and gave birth to this vile little spawn? Tsk tsk… moreover, you’re doing very badly? It can’t be that all these years, you were relying on begging and swindling to provide for yourself and your son?”

Shen Xiaoru was screeching just a moment ago, and she has already attracted the attention of most people.

Now, hearing her say that Muyan got pregnant out of wedlock, then gave birth to a wild man’s little bastard-

each and every one of them are suddenly sending subtle glances towards Muyan.

Even that Gao Chenyu who didn’t want Shen Xiaoru to go overboard, and originally wanted to pull her back, can’t help but be stupefied after he hears this.

Even though Muyan has her head and face filthy with grime, and she’s covered all over in dust – but, listening to the sound of her voice and looking at her figure, she’s should only be 18 or 19 years old at most.

Unexpectedly… she unexpectedly already has a such a big child?

Seeing this, Shen Xiaoru becomes all the more pleased with herself. Her face takes on a pitying expression as she says: “Jun Muyan, even though we’re not related by blood, in any case, you were still raised by my Shen family for several years, so we are still considered as sisters in name. Seeing that you’ve become so miserable, I also feel very sorry as an older sister! How about you take these coins so at least, you and your son can eat till you’re full!”

After she says that, she casually throws two gold coins on the table, looking like she’s throwing alms to beggars, “Look, these two gold coins should be enough for you to eat your fill, right? Shop assistant, what are you still stalling for, why aren’t you hurrying up to pack two meals for her, and have them eat it as a take-out?”

Who would have thought that the waiter, who Shen Xiaoru is pointing towards, would have a hesitant expression, “This… this… this guest, all the signature dishes in the restaurant have just been ordered.”

When it comes to customers that come to dine in this big establishment, they’ve seen all sorts of people before.

It’s also very common for high-level practitioners to be able to take out a lot of money even though they’re wearing worn-out rags.

So even though Muyan and Xiao Bao are all dirty, the waiter completely didn’t judge them by their appearance, and promptly took her order instead – telling the kitchen to prepare all the signature dishes of the restaurant.

As soon as the waiter has finished speaking, some people are bringing several dishes over.

The value of those two dishes alone is more than all of the food on their table.

That’s because these dishes are actually made with the meat of Strange Beasts.

Muyan leisurely smiles. Pulling Xiao Bao to sit down, she casually takes some chopsticks as she’s about to eat.

“Since older sister wants to show your deep sisterly affection, then I won’t be too polite. The food on this table today, I’ll have to ask older sister to treat me! Xiao Bao, eat some more. Someone’s paying for it anyway, it would be a waste not to eat!”

Xiao Bao nods with this taut little face, then picks up some chopsticks, and gives a pair to Muyan first. Then he stuffs his cheeks as he conscientiously eats.

Seeing this scene, Shen Xiaoru’s nose is practically flaring in anger.

“Jun Muyan, you slut, want me to pay for your food, you’re dreaming! I didn’t expect that you’ve become so shameless after I haven’t seen you for so many years.”

Muyan ordered all the signature dishes of this dining restaurant, and the price of those dishes aren’t cheap at all.

Even if Shen Xiaoru takes out all the gold coins she has on her, it still wouldn’t be enough.

But as it happened, this Muyan is a shameless slut and will take her whole army just like that.

Wanting her to pay for the other’s meal? Keep dreaming!

Shen Xiaoru tugs on a passing waiter, saying with a stern voice: “Why are you still not driving these two beggars away? Don’t tell me you really believe that they’re rich enough to pay for such expensive food?”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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