EMHS – ch183

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 183: A Mushroom Cloud

Muyan sits crossed-legged beside the Dan Furnace. She slowly operates the Internal Force in her body, then sends it into the cauldron.

As her Internal Force merges with the Dan fire, the originally red-orange flame gets tinted with a faint blue.

Then, each herb inside the furnace also begins to dissolve.

Xiao Bao stands far away, eyes wide as he stares at Muyan, worry filling those huge ice-blue irises.

Without knowing when, the rabbit has hopped to his side. It rubs itself against his feet and tilts its head to watch Muyan’s movements.

As soon as all the herbs have been completely dissolved, Muyan’s forehead is already slightly covered in sweat.

However, there isn’t the slightest change in her expression, and her output of Mysterious Energy is very stable as well.

The Mysterious Energy controls the flames, forming a stream that directs the various herbs to begin fusing with each other.

Just as it looks like it’s going to succeed,

there’s suddenly a very loud ‘bang’, and a mushroom cloud rises up inside the space.

A huge blast surges up and out.

Muyan jerks and very quickly turns back. She grabs Xiao Bao and jumps more than a dozen meters away.

The remaining shock from the furnace’s explosion still gets to her.

In a split second, the pair of mother and child, along with the rabbit, have all become filthy with grime and dirt.

Muyan coughs. Not far from them, she looks at the Dan Furnace that has been blown into pieces, and says with a sigh: “Sure enough, it’s unsuccessful!”

If Alchemy is so easy, then the Alchemists in the Yanwu Continent wouldn’t be so scarce.

Xiao Bao is unable to deal with his own little blackened face, as he promptly comforts Muyan, “Niangqin will definitely succeed one day.”

The rabbit moves its plump body, shaking its fur.

It raises its mung bean eyes to watch the female devil and the little master.

Wu… should it let the female devil know that Alchemy requires Spiritual Power?

Oh, it’s impossible to refine elixirs with just Internal Force!

The fat rabbit bounces up, and just as its about to hop into Xiao Bao’s arms,

noisy voices could suddenly be heard coming from outside the space.

“What’s going on? Why is there a lot of smoke in the backyard? Is it burning?”

“What about Miss Jun and the young Master? Who exactly committed the arson? Could it be that those thieves were unwilling to give up so they came to mount a sneak attack?”

“Hey, the thick smoke is coming out from the Miss’ room, but I’m not seeing anyone? I also don’t see anything burning? What’s going on in the end?”

Inside the space, Xiao Bao and Muyan look at each other.

cough, baby, why don’t I take you out for a meal?” Muyan asks with a smile.

It’s just that right now, there’s dust all over her face. As she smiles, there’s only a set of neat pearly white teeth, and a pair of eyes that are bright and moving, but there’s no longer any of that gorgeous disposition.

Xiao Bao as well. On that originally fair and handsome little face, only a huge pair of bright and intelligent blue eyes remain, and they’re staring at Muyan.

It’s indescribably adorable!

Muyan can’t help but pounce over, squealing and giggling. Soon after, she can only shake her head.

This Tian Mo Qin hasn’t upgraded yet, so the space is too unstable.

The thick smoke actually leaked out from just that one explosion.

If that group of people in her courtyard were to know that this dense smoke is caused by her failure in Alchemy…

Muyan feels that she can’t afford to throw her face.


Xia’an State, in a dining restaurant.

It’s midday and the seats in the restaurant are almost fully booked, it’s quite lively.

The customers are grouped in twos and threes, chatting as they eat.

All of a sudden, there’s a soft cry coming from the doorway, drawing the attention of everyone inside to its source.

At the entrance, there’s a party of three people walking in.

The three are wearing white clothes on their body, and each of them has a sword on their waist.

A man and a woman are walking at the rear. The man is handsome, confident and at ease; the woman is dainty and pretty.

In front of them is a youth in white. There’s a simple and unadorned mask on his face, covering most of his features.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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