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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 180: Fled Next Door

He waves his hand and says: “Brothers, slaughter him! The little master said that as long we perfectly carry out today’s trial, we’ll be rewarded with a new draught, guaranteed to make everybody advance within a year!”

Zhao Shan’s eyes are filled with horror and amazement.

This group in front of him, their cultivation truly isn’t high.

But they strictly comply with instructions, advancing and retreating in tandem, the tacit understanding is like that of a single unit.

As soon as the battle had begun, the eight of them were forced to scatter, and he was faced against Chang Yu.

The rest of his brothers were also surrounded and subdued, one can say that they didn’t have any power to fight back.

The most terrifying thing would still be the Internal Force that these people used during the battle.

They’re clearly only at the Profound Stage, but they’re completely unaffected by the pressure from an Earth Stage. Instead, the latter was made to feel suppressed.

And that Jun Muyan actually founded such a team by herself?!

At this moment, a thought suddenly flashes between Zhao Shan’s ears–

At the Ghost City’s Beast Fighting Colosseum, Jun Muyan publicly killed their Commander Yan Lie.

He always thought that this was just a rumor, that Jun Muyan had used some underhanded trick.

But if… this matter is true?

If even their Commander who was at the peak Heaven Stage isn’t her match?

How could they possibly kill her?

So tonight’s operation, did they come to throw theirs lives away from the start?!

Thinking until here, Zhao Shan is so scared, he’s almost unable to hold his bladder. He turns back and runs.

Chang Yu and the others didn’t expect that this master of peak Earth Stage would surprisingly not dare to fight against them, and run away with his tail between his legs.

They see the figure cross over the wall and enter the neighboring courtyard.

Chang Yu and the others inwardly shudder: “Don’t let him get away, let’s chase!”

But without waiting for the Ink Camp to move,

A figure darts past them like a flash of light, following Zhao Shan over the wall and falling into the other courtyard.

Chang Yu and they others have blank expressions. The figure just now was too fast, and they simply weren’t able to properly see who it was.

An icy yet soft and immature voice suddenly comes from behind them, “Tonight, your performance wasn’t bad.”

The members of the Ink Camp turn around and see, under the moonlight, there’s a small boy who’s as handsome as a sprite, expressionlessly looking towards them.

The brightness of the moon falling on him seems to bathe his body in a silvery light.

The dozen or so people from the Ink Camp are moved. They neatly and uniformly kneel down, loudly shouting, “See the Little Master!”

When they realized that Xiao Bao had praised them,

These boorish butchers are even more moved, each and every one of their eyes turn red, their bodies trembling slightly, wishing they scream up at the sky for a few times.

Only Chang Yu remains calm, “Little master, a thief ran over to the next courtyard, should we…”

“No need.” Xiao Bao interrupts him, “Niangqin already went.”


The members of the Ink Camp simultaneously gasped in a mouthful of cold air, and soon observe a moment of silence to mourn for that fish that escaped their net.

If Miss Jun handles it herself, that guy’s end will surely be incomparably miserable.

Anyway, Xiao Bao can’t help but slightly pinch his brows as he looks towards the direction of that other courtyard, there’s a hint of absent-mindedness in this expression.

In reality, he also kinda wants to take a look at said courtyard…

That man, it seems like it’s already been too long since he last appeared.


Zhao Shan cuts a sorry figure as he flees into the neighboring courtyard, worrying whether or not he’s entered into a land of tigers and wolves.

But he discovers that the courtyard next to this Junji Drugstore is completely deserted, without the single sound of a crying fowl or a barking dog.

And there’s no one chasing him from behind.

Zhao Shan sighs in relief, in this second, he’s finally escaped the calamity.

But before the happy expression could rise to the tips of his brows, he suddenly hears a pleasant and euphonious voice from the void.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


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  1. The Ink bros are all so emotional, it’s like every little thing sends them into a melodramatic overreaction. Fun to read though.
    thanks for the chapter.


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