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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 178: Whetstone

These four people inside the room, Ru Yan and Feng Haitang are mid Earth Stage, Yan Haotian is high Earth Stage, and Old Tao is already at the summit of Earth Stage.

“What… what draught?” Ru Yan gulps.

Muyan’s mouth hooks up, like a smile yet not a smile, “Hm, the special draught would probably be two times more effective than the Philter of Barrier Breaking.”


Ruyan and Old Tao choke down their spit, Yan Haotian himself also reveals astonishment.

Two times more effective than the Philter of Barrier Breaking?

What kind of miraculous draught is that?

But after the initial astonishment comes the feeling of wild joy, Ru Yan and Old Tao even clasp their hands in the end, “Subordinates will absolutely spare no effort to serve the Lord.”

Yan Haotian looks at Feng Haitang, then again at Muyan.

His initial intention of persuading her to leave weakens.

That’s because he realizes just how formidable is this Master of his, and how miraculous and invaluable are the draughts that she provides.

For Haitang to follow Muyan, maybe it’s her good fortune.

“By the way, Miss.” Old Tao’s foolish smile abruptly disappears, “For the past two days, it seems as if there are always some strangers loitering around the drugstore’s vicinity, and they don’t seem to want to purchase a draught. It’s better to say that they’re scouting the area…”

Halfway through his narration, Old Tao stops.

That’s because he notices Xiao Bao, who’s in Muyan’s arms, is looking at him in contempt.

Eh? Did he say something wrong?

Why is the little master looking at him like he’s an idiot?

“This subordinate… did this subordinate say something wrong?” Old Tao very carefully looks towards Xiao Bao.

Xiao Bao has a displeased look: “Moron, they’ve already been wandering around the area for five days.”

And only discovered today!

Old Tao and Ru Yan glance at each other, wishing so much that they could find a hole to burrow in.

The four-year-old little master discovered it, while it completely slipped their notice.

And only today, when the other side have come closer, are they able to vaguely detect them.

Truly losing their faces.

Old Tao’s face is blushing with shame as he faces Muyan, “Miss, would you like this subordinate to go over and dispose of those people?”

“Of course not.” Muyan squeezes her son’s little face, and simply says in a drawl, “Those people would be best as a whetstone for the Ink Camp. Wouldn’t it be such a waste if you were to go and deal with them?”


Very late into the night, there’s a waning crescent moon.

In Muyan’s boudoir, she sleeps spooning Xiao Bao, enjoying a pleasant dream.

Without notice, a group of people sneaks into the backyard of the Junji Drugstore.

Eight black silhouettes, like ghosts, jump down from the high roof.

“Second brother, after several days of observation, no matter which angle, this Jun Muyan is just a common apothecary. Too weak to stand up to the wind, and she even has a child. Are you sure that this is the woman who killed our Commander?”

“Hmph, you also mentioned that she refines drugs, maybe this slut used some underhanded means and secretly harmed our Commander in the Arena. What’s more, it was Princess Gong Qianxue who informed us that this woman killed Commander Yan Lie. Princess Gong Qianxue had a profound relationship with our Commander, how can she lie to us?”

“Since this woman killed our Commander, we must exact vengeance for him!”

The eight people gather together, lowering their voices as they quietly discuss how to silently catch Muyan, and take revenge for their Commander Yan Lie.

“Why do I feel like this yard is a little strange? How come there isn’t a single guard around?”

“Shan Zi, why is your courage getting smaller and smaller? From the eight of us, six are at the Earth Stage. Do you think that we can’t deal with an insignificant draught-maker?”


A stifled laughter could be heard coming from a corner of the courtyard.

“This group of idiots dare to come for Miss Jun? Do they have stunted brains?”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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