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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 177: Jealousy

“This is my own decision.” Feng Haitang quirks her brows, a gallant and untamed energy appears on her gorgeous face. “In this life, I’ve set my mind on him. To be with him, anyone else’s objections are useless, even his rejections.”

Muyan couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

After wiping the tears away, this Feng Haitang’s positively heroic beauty shines through, straightforward and dashing.

Such an obstinate and carefree woman, unafraid of society’s views, and without the shyness and restraint of women. It’s really a rare find.

But she likes it!

“Fine, I agree. Henceforth, you’ll follow beside me.” Muyan drawls, “Feng Haitang, I will ensure that as long as you and Yan Haotian are by my side, I will guarantee your well-being.”

In this life, she hopes that she can use her own strength,

And ease the bitter fate of this couple of mandarin ducks*, possibly let them have a smoother path to peace and happiness, so that love will find a way.


The next day, when Yan Haotian sees Feng Haitang standing next to Muyan, his bell-like pair of eyes are practically about to pop out.

Muyan thinks it’s funny, “Starting today, Haitang will be the same as you. She’s also my subordinate, and will dedicate her life for me for five years. What? Any objections?”

Yan Haotian moves his mouth, but no sound comes out. He can only look at Feng Haitang with his eyes filled with anxiety.

However, their positions are reversed today.

Feng Haitang doesn’t even look at him, but takes a out a piece of thin handkerchief instead, and hands it to Muyan, “Miss, please use this.”

“Ah–!” Yan Haotian couldn’t help it in the end, as he makes a cry of surprise.

Feng Haitang came from a rich family, treated as the precious eldest daughter since she was a child.

For him, how can she enter servitude and wait upon other people?

But before he could say anything, Ru Yan and Old Tao’s voices could be heard through the door, seeking audience.

Yan Haotian desists, and he can only swallow his words back down to his belly. His line of sight shifts towards Feng Haitang’s direction from time to time.

But on the contrary, Feng Haitang is concentrating with her eyes on the tip of her nose, her face expressionless as she stands behind Muyan and Xiao Bao, looking like a close maid.

“Reporting to Miss, this is the ledger of Junji Drugstore for this month.” Ru Yan hands over a book.

Muyan casually flips through it, and nods in satisfaction, “You did very well.”

It has only been half a month since Ru Yan took over managing Junji Drugstore, but the results are pretty good.

These days, the store’s revenue doesn’t rely solely on Muyan’s special draughts, but there are also other herbs and draught ingredients that generate some income.

Once they’re done with the report, Ru Yan and Old Tao don’t leave, but remain looking at Muyan with some hesitation.

“Miss, that… can we participate with the Ink Camp’s training?” in the end, Old Tao can only ask with a nervous laugh.

In just a little over half a month, the progress of the dozen or so people from the the Ink Camp is obvious to all.

It’s not enough to merely describe it as their ‘strength advancing by leaps and bounds’.

Muyan sees Ru Yan and Old Tao’s eager appearance. She can’t help but laugh, “What, jealous?”

The pair titters, somewhat embarrassed, but they still easily admit it in the end.

“That Chang Yu only took half a month to advance from Profound Stage to the early Earth Stage. If this matter becomes known outside, I’m afraid that all the Practitioners within Xia’an would burn with rage from jealousy.” Ru Yan skillfully says with a winsome smile, “Miss, we promise that even if we participate in the training, it will absolutely not interfere with the shop’s business.”

Muyan shakes her head, “This training isn’t suitable for you.”

Before the the two could be disappointed, she continues to say: “The four of you have already stabilized in the Earth Stage for many years. The Ink Camp’s training program would be of little help to you. What you all need is a more specialized training, as well as higher-ranked draughts. Don’t worry, as long as you follow me, you all won’t be doing without.”

  • *mandarin ducks = affectionate couple. I’m guessing that most of you know this already so I added this at the end, instead of the middle. Also, I just like ducks, so we’ll be using the term. Ducks eat pests from plants.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  2. “Starting today, Haitang will be the same as you. She’s also my subordinate, and will dedicate her life for me for five years. What? Any objections?”

    Five years? Yeah you keep telling yourself that Muyan. We all know your stuck with all of them for life.
    Thanks for the chapter.


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