EMHS – ch173

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 173: You Know Each Other

In the end, both sides of the road are completely empty. Only the three lonesome figures remain.

However, Xiao Bao abruptly stops on his steps. He raises his head to look at Muyan, “Niangqin?”

Muyan smiles faintly and faces the empty space, with a clear voice: “Sire has followed us all the way to this place, don’t tell me that you’re still not planning to show your distinguished self?”

As soon as her voice drops, there’s a flash of light along with the burst of a harsh momentum.

Muyan and Xiao Bao remain where they are, while Yan Haotian makes his move.

The towering form hunches down and springs forward, wielding a palm strike towards another figure.

Dense Internal Force rushes forth like a tidal wave from his whole body.

A crashing sound, and the Internal Force produces an intense flare.

Yan Haotian used to be a high Earth Stage Practitioner, and although he had his cultivation crippled afterwards, the experience is still there.

After going through Muyan’s treatment, he directly recovered to the early Earth Stage.

And for more than a month, as the head of the Ink Camp, he had been continuously training together with his subordinates.

Now, he has already returned to high Earth Stage.

Although the other person is quite skilled and the cultivation is also high, it’s still far from being Yan Haotian’s match.

So a few breaths later, there’s a barely restrained chill within Yan Haotian’s eyes as his hands are hooked into claws, clutching around the other’s throat.

There’s a terrifying fury radiating out of his body.

It’s as if, as long as there’s even a little bit of movement from the other, he would immediately twist and break the person’s neck.

But in the next moment, he hears a soft, weak voice and it’s as if Yan Haotian’s entire person has been struck by lighting. His mind goes blank and his hand loosens.

“Yan Haotian, I finally… found you.”

Yan Haotian staggers and recoils, he opens his mouth to talk.

But he’s already been a mute for a while now, he’s no longer able to say anything.

Yet at this moment, this tower-like man’s body is shaking, the rim of his eyes slightly turning red.

“What? You know each other?”

He doesn’t know when Muyan has walked before them. She looks at Yan Haotian, then turns to look at the person he’s facing. There’s an amused expression on her face.

Standing directly across from Yan Haotian is a person wearing a man’s outfit, red eyes unwavering as they stare at Yan Haotian.

Yet with those red lips and white teeth, the face with the shape of a peach – no matter how you look at it, it’s a beautiful and delicate woman who is dressed as a man.

From the start, Muyan didn’t find any malice from the person following them.

She initially thought that it would be that youth who bought the lantern from the street stall.

Didn’t expect that it would actually turn out to be a woman.

Not only that, the woman’s relationship with Yan Haotian doesn’t seem to be a shallow one.

Hearing Muyan’s words, Yan Haotian suddenly comes back to himself. He soon curbs all his emotions, stiffly shaking his head.

Seeing that, the woman’s frail body suddenly wobbles.

She could no longer hold back the tears as they gather on the rims of her eyes.

A long while later, a hoarse and trembling voice spills out from the woman’s mouth: “Do you still blame me? If I tell you that on that day, I didn’t want to retract that marriage agreement, would you believe me?”

Yan Haotian closes his eyes. Soon after, he lightly shakes his head and looks at Muyan’s direction.

Muyan has a smile that isn’t a smile: “Oh, since you don’t know each other, let’s go then.”

The woman’s gaze slowly shifts towards Muyan. Seeing the latter’s absolutely beautiful countenance, the hurt and sadness in her eyes turn into despair within just a split second.

Drop by drop, tears tumble down from her eyes.

She pulls out a forced smile: “It turns out, you already have someone to accompany you. Like this, it’s really good, really… great.”

After she says that, the woman turns around and walks away with unsteady feet.

Having just taken a few aimless steps, her body goes limp and she directly crumbles down.

And at that very instant, Yan Haotian’s form rushes forward like a bolt of lightning, catching and holding her in his arms.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  3. Did she do that on purpose to test his feelings or what. Also didn’t expect he had a girl who liked him, still seems she didn’t look for him later on


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