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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 172: Guess the Riddle

Muyan turns to look while she’s holding Xiao Bao.

A youth in white clothes enters her sight. He has a lithe body, and an outstandingly refined bearing.

A wholesome warmth lingers around the person’s form, balmy like the sighing wind. Just one look and people would have a feeling of intimacy.

However, the youth is wearing a mask, covering most of the his face.

It only reveals a pair of clear black eyes, and thin dewy lips that have a soft arc.

Hearing Muyan’s voice, the youth also turns to look.

Seeing Muyan, as well as Xiao Bao in her arms, there’s a faint astonishment in the youth’s eyes.

“These two guests, I’m truly sorry. There’s only one of this rabbit lantern in or shop.”

The shop owner comes forward with a smile, “But there’s a custom in our store that if you want to buy a lantern, you have to guess it’s riddle. These two guests might as well try to guess this old riddle. This lantern will belong to whoever gives the correct answer first.”

“The riddle is this: All living things sleep together in a dream. It’s a type of draught ingredient.”

Muyan’s lips twitch, thinking that it’s interesting.

This boss’ riddle is actually on the subject of draught ingredients.

As Muyan is about to answer, she hears Xiao Bao’s crisp and lively voice: “Niangqin, Xiao Bao wants to guess!”

It’s for the rabbit lantern that Xiao Bao wants, so Xiao Bao has to guess it himself!

You should personally fight for the things that you want!

Muyan can’t help but be amused by her son’s aggressiveness. She looks down and nods, “Okay, Xiao Bao will guess.”

The exquisite little face slightly frowns, thinking hard about it.

For a while, he can’t seem to think of anything.

Just at this moment, the youth beside them says: “It’s the Plenary Scorpion Grass.”

  • Buthus Martensii is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s an herb here but actual scorpions are used irl.

Plenary Scorpion Grass is a very rare draught ingredient.

All living things sleep together in a dream, total sleep, Plenary Scorpion!

  • sleep and scorpion have different characters but both are “xiē”

Xiao Bao has never encountered it, therefore he can’t think of it.

“The gongzi guessed it!” the boss exclaims. He laughs as he takes the rabbit lantern down and hands it to the youth.

Xiao Bao is a little disappointed, but he doesn’t regret it.

He grabs Muyan’s hand and is about to leave.

“Little gongzi, please wait.” the youth suddenly calls out to stop them.

Just as Xiao Bao turns his head, the rabbit lamp is already presented in front of him, “For you.”

Unfortunately, Xiao Bao doesn’t appreciate the gesture. He speaks in a low muffled voice: “Niangqin said that, for a proper man, a loss is a loss.”

Won’t accept charity.

The corner of the youth’s mouth hooks up in amusement, revealing a sliver of an absent-minded smile. After a while, there’s a quiet reply: “The one who likes this rabbit lantern… I can’t find any traces of her for a very long time now. So even if I bring this back, I won’t be able to give it to her. That’s why it would be better to give this to you instead, little gongzi. Besides…”

The young man raises his head to look at Muyan, “Your niangqin had already guessed the answer first. On principle, this lantern is yours.”

Saying that, the young man places the lantern on Xiao Bao’s hands, then turns to walk away.

Looking at the youth’s retreating back, Muyan raises her brows as she catches sight of the jade card by his waist.

That’s the jade card of [Zi Yang Zong].

In the Huang Yao Country, Zi Yang Zong is a sect second only to the Heavenly Road Sect.

A few years ago however, it could be said that it was merely a small, second or third-rate sect in Huang Yao.

But these past years, it has gained some reputation, and its strength has soared.

That’s all because Zi Yang Zong has a genius that shocked the Yanwu Continent, Bai Yichen.

Before Gong Qianxue had advanced to Heaven Stage at the age of 22, Bai Yichen was publicly known as the number one genius in the entire Yanwu Continent.

Well anyway, Muyan very quickly throws Zi Yang Zong and the youth to the back of her mind.

Holding Xiao Bao, they continue to wander around the city.

When the moon is in its highest point in the sky, only then does the three people slowly walk back.

The more they walk towards the Junji Drugstore, the less people they encounter.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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