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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 171: Rabbit Lantern

She sends Chang Yu a quick glance, and takes out a bottle of draught.

She motions for Xiao Bao to come over, “Xiao Bao, your group of subordinates have been undergoing training for quite a while now. Who do you think is the most remarkable one among them? Give him this Philter of Barrier Breaking as a reward.”


Philter of Barrier Breaking–?!!!

Could it be that Philter of Barrier Breaking that is valued at 10 million gold coins?!

After Muyan says this, all the members of the Ink Camp stagger.

Especially when they see Xiao Bao expressionlessly giving the Philter over to Chang Yu, they become even more regretful that their intestines are turning green.

They are pigs a! They’re idiots!

Why didn’t they perform better in the first place?

If they did, that Philter of Barrier Breaking would probably be theirs today.

Chang Yu is overwhelmed from Xiao Bao’s favor as he receives the Philter.

Although he’s already rapidly reaching the point of breaking through to Earth Stage, having this Philter is tantamount to brushing away all obstacles.

There will no longer be any dangers or repercussions during the breakthrough.

And after that, he would be in a very stable state, and would be able to advance more rapidly in a short period of time.

How can he possibly be dissatisfied with this?

“Thank you, young master!” Chang Yu holds the draught, and his scarred face becomes creased with laughter, “From today onward, this subordinate will definitely spare no effort to pledge my life, loyalty, and devotion to the young master.”

Xiao Bao nods, slowly saying three syllables: “You’re not bad!”

Even though it’s just a simple assessment, these words come from the mouth of the little master who cherishes words like gold!

That’s just not easy to get!

Chang Yu is so moved that his body can’t help but tremble, and the other Ink Camp members become even more mad with jealousy.

They swear that they’ll perform better next time, strive to win the Philter of Barrier Breaking as a reward, as well as the acquire the little master’s praise.

Muyan looks at this scene and the corners of her mouth curls up into a shallow smile.


The autumn wind is soughing, and the Yanwu Continent’s annual Lantern Festival has already arrived without their notice.

Followed by Yan Haotian, Muyan takes Xiao Bao to leisurely and carefreely walk the streets of Xia’an.

The streets today are really bustling with noise and excitement.

Both sides of the street are lined with brilliant and colorful hanging lanterns, and there’s a glittering and delightful array of goods below.

On this day, both men and women are on a jaunt, and there are cheers and laughter everywhere.

“Xiao Bao, is there anything that you want? Niangqin will buy it for you?” holding Xiao Bao’s hand, Muyan bows down asks Xiao Bao with a soft voice.

But Xiao Bao shakes his head and simply tightens his hold on Muyan, “There’s nothing.”

It’s enough as long as he has niangqin by his side.

Muyan is somewhat distressed. Her baby is too well-behaved, too sensible. Why can’t he be a little bit more like the other children and act spoiled, make a fuss, and want this and that?

“Baby, look, doesn’t that rabbit lantern look nice?” Muyan suddenly points to a lantern hanging outside a stall not far from them. She asks Xiao Bao, “Doesn’t it resemble the fat rabbit?”

Xiao Bao follows the direction where Muyan is pointing at. And sure enough, he sees a white, fat rabbit lantern.

Long ears, red eyes, and a very small mouth.

It really looks so cute, so much lovelier than that stupid rabbit inside the space.

Inside the space, the fat rabbit lets out an “achoo”, like how a person ordinarily sneezes.

It uses its short claws to scratch its nose, then it changes its position on the ground, and then it is sound asleep.

Muyan sees that Xiao Bao’s eyes are shining like the moon as he looks at the rabbit lantern. She happily picks him up and goes in front of the shop.

“Boss, I want this rabbit lantern.”

“Boss, give me this lantern.”

Almost at the same time, a low and gentle voice is heard coming from beside them.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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