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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 170: To Dedicate a Life

“What?!! You’re breaking through?!”

“This… how is this possible?!”

Chang Yu looks around their circle and sneers: “Could it be that you can’t tell how your own cultivation had been rising at a frightening speed in this short period of time?”

When Chang Yu brought that up, everyone looks at each other and begins to examine themselves.

And they find this inspection really incredible.

“Fuck me, your father is actually about to breakthrough to the peak Profound Stage!”

“My, my… my cultivation has also advanced!”

“God, I didn’t notice it at all!”

Chang Yu continues to taunt them: “See you’re all idiots, not even noticing. Didn’t you see the scenes of those huge crowds outside Junji Drugstore these past few days? What did all those people come for? All of them came to buy draughts. You guys still don’t realize why would all those people line up even all through the night, insisting to buy from our Junji Drugstore?”

Everyone else has their eyes wide open, their hands trembling, somewhat unable to control their state of mind.

“That’s because our boss is a super-powerful draught refiner. The draught that she makes is hard to acquire even with ten million gold coins. And we’re drinking a bottle of it every day.”


Someone couldn’t help but gulp down his spit.

“As for the drills and the zither songs, I don’t know how you’re all feeling, but in these few days, I only feel that my body has become stronger and it’s old wounds are slowly healing. What’s harder to believe, is that I feel my mind has become sharper, and my heart demons are just banished subconsciously. The bottleneck that had bothered me for several years have unexpectedly become insignificant in just a few days.”

“Do you guys know what this means?”

Everyone in the room, simultaneously sucked in a mouthful of cold air, their bodies involuntarily shudder.

Chang Yu shakes his sleeves, turning around to leave the room, “If there’s still an idiot that wants to leave, then leave. I think there’s definitely a lot of people from outside that wants to enter our Ink Camp!”

As soon as Chang Yu is gone, the remaining people look at each other.

Someone suddenly exclaims: “Screw leaving! Your father will take root in the Ink Camp from now on, born in the Ink Camp, die in the Ink Camp!”

“Only swearing loyalty and devotion to the little master and it’ll help me advance rapidly and become stronger. So what if I dedicate my life to the young master?”

Besides, Jun Muyan gave them the time limit of ten years.

That woman said that as long as they protect and stay loyal to Xiao Bao for ten years, they can still go free. After this ordeal, they’d be able to decide for themselves.


On the next day’s drills, Muyan is surprised to find that these Ink Camp’s people suddenly have a surge of unprecedented enthusiasm.

Each and every one of them seem like they’ve been injected with chicken blood.

Even the submersion under the Tian Mo Qin’s [Life is But a Dream]- they originally dread to go through with it… but now, there’s a complete lack of fear and each one of them is eager to give it a try instead.

Muyan shakes her head in regret.

Tsk… these guys, how did they get it straight this soon?

If only they didn’t get the point of this, she still could’ve tortured them for a while longer.

Yup, although the training this time is beneficial for the members of the Ink Camp,

But it’s also true that Muyan is really tormenting them on purpose.

For example, the Body Tempering Draught originally doesn’t have any side effects when you drink it, but she modified it to become a “bitter medicine” that would give you the pain of hovering between life and death once you take it.

Another example would be that in the [Life is But a Dream], she made their lives a little bit more miserable, a little bit more torturous.

The reason is of course, to take revenge for the filthy words that came from these guys’ mouths when they were shaming Xiao Bao.

But now that these guys have become so proactive and obedient, Muyan finds it too embarrassing to keep on tormenting them.

She sends Chang Yu a quick glance, and unexpectedly takes out a bottle of draught.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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