EMHS – ch166

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 166: Neither

The content itself is extremely crammed and messy, like scattered jottings of personal insights. But even a fool would be able to see how precious these notes are.

Chen Qingfeng looks at Muyan stupidly, “Miss Jun, why… why would you give this to me?”

This time, Xiao Bao himself couldn’t bear it any longer.

Once again, he eventually frostily spits out those two syllables, “Mo! Ron!”

Chen Qingfeng gives a start, like Xiao Bao’s “moron” seems to have unclogged his system.

He snaps his eyes wide open, shakily saying: “Miss Jun, you… are you going to teach me how to refine drugs?”

Muyan shakes her head, “Not that stupid after all.”

*cough*, *cough*… but, this should be your guarded secret, how can you just teach it to an outsider like me?”

This Draught Manual is indeed Muyan’s notes when she was researching how to refine during her four years in the mountains.

If you take it outside and sell it to another refiner, it would definitely fetch a high price.

But for the current Muyan, it’s not really a top secret or anything.

That’s because her real secret when it comes to refining draughts no longer rely on these formulas, but on the Tian Mo Qin, on the Shen Musician techniques.

But with this Chen Qingfeng’s distracted and foolish look, the explanation doesn’t seem to be clear enough.

Muyan narrows her brows and says in a deep voice: “Adult man, stop being overly-sensitive. It’s simply a matter of learning or not learning.”

“Will learn, will learn!” Chen Qingfeng takes the Draught Manual to his chest like he’s holding the most precious treasure. With his head banging on the ground, he kowtows several times to Muyan, “Rest assured, Miss Jun. Everyday, even if I don’t eat or sleep, I will definitely not fail your expectations.”

First, it goes without saying that Chen Qingfeng would neglect sleep and forget about food for the next few days, plunging deep into refining draughts.

Next, the Junji Drugstore, under the management of Ru Yan and with the assistance of Old Tao, has become popular within the whole city of Xia’an, like waves rising with the help of wind.

So for the following days, Muyan’s attention is mostly placed on the slaves that came from the Ghost City.

The Ghost City’s Wan Ren Ku – it is named as such because of course, there’s a countless number of slaves in there.

And from these slaves, there is a harshness within their eyes, and an ominous air oozes out from their bodies. You would know at once, that they aren’t the good type of people.

But Muyan must say: she is very satisfied.

“I can give you all a chance.” Muyan sweeps her eyes over these people, and she directly goes straight to the point, “I will immediately give you your freedom as long as you win. Moreover, I will also ensure that Ghost City and I will not find trouble with you anymore. But if you lose, you will behave and do as you’re told, and give your life to me. Does any of you object?”

The slaves look at each other in dismay, their eyes shifting repeatedly.

Yet not one person is jumping in joy.

A man steps forward from within the crowd. His face is covered in knife scars, and his appearance is even more frightening than Yan Haotian’s. He asks with a rough voice: “Who do we have to defeat? You, or him?”

The scarred man points his finger towards Yan Haotian.

With Old Tao helping to look after the Junji Drugstore, Muyan reassigned Yan Haotian to be by Xiao Bao’s side.

Making him completely listen and obey Xiao Bao’s orders, as well as attend to Xiao Bao.

When the scarred man asks this, each and every one of the slaves are like looking at a big opponent, nervously staring at Yan Haotian.

In the Ghost City, only a few slaves wouldn’t be familiar with this ever-victorious “Madman Number 3” from the Beast Fighting Colosseum.

Even if some of them have a higher cultivation than Yan Haotian, they’ve never had the upper hand against him.

Muyan sees the look on these slaves, and the corners of her mouth slightly quirk up. It reveals a shallow smile, indescribably bright and moving.


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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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