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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 165: Don’t Discard Me

These past few days, she was busy with familiarizing herself with the Shen Musician techniques, as well as refining special draughts. So she didn’t have time to operate anything else.

But she has already been planning to build up her own power.

In this life, she wants Gong Qianxue’s complete defeat and fall from grace, to have her left with nothing.

Make Heavenly Road Sect, the number one sect of Huang Yao Country, collapse and fall apart – for it to disappear between heaven and earth.

No one knows it more clearly than she does, just how strong are the forces of the Jing Cheng Country’s royalty and the Heavenly Road Sect’s forces. Gong Qianxue’s influence is numerous and complicated, and they are scattered everywhere.

If she herself doesn’t have enough power and strength, how would she be able to avenge the Blood Sea Vendetta of her previous life?


At this time, Muyan could see that Chen Qingfeng is clearly not suited for business.

She was originally thinking on whether or not to hire a shrewder shopkeeper.

On the contrary, Ru Yan and Old Tao’s arrival at this time eases Muyan’s troubles by a lot.

“Ru Yan, you will be in charge Junji Drugstore’s business later. Old Tao, you’ll assist Ru Yan. Tell those people with other ideas that if they want to buy my Junji Drugstore’s draughts, they need to abide by the rules. Otherwise, just beat them out with a stick for me.”

Along with the increasing number of special draughts that Muyan refines, the drugs’ effects become more and more in defiance of the natural order as well.

It would be impossible to say that there aren’t people in Xia’an that would want to take advantage, and use force to buy and sell.

Ru Yan and Old Tao give a start, both seeing delight in each other’s eyes. They bow in succession and say: “Yes, Miss.”

They didn’t expect that Muyan would entrust them with such a heavy responsibility just after they arrived.

This could only mean that they’re totally not regarded as outsiders.

However, although Ru Yan and Old Tao are in a cheerful mood, Chen Qingfeng is hanging is head dispiritedly, almost about to cry.

Muyan looks over at Chen Qingfeng funnily, “Come with me.”

Chen Qinfeng hangs his head down and dejectedly follows.

After entering through the door, Muyan just picks up a tangerine and starts feeding half to her son, and the other half leisurely enters her mouth. While doing so, she asks: “Do you know why I wouldn’t let you manage the Junji Drugstore anymore?”

Chen Qinfeng’s eyes are red, doing his best to stop the tears from falling, “I… I do, it’s because I’m too stupid, I’m too useless! But, but Miss Jun, can you not discard me?”

Not to mention that compared to Ru Yan, who’s hundreds of thousands of times stronger than him, he’s just an ordinary drugstore shopkeeper.

Had it been someone else handling the miraculous draughts that Muyan refines, the store’s business would have already become dazzling, and flourishing in Xia’an.

And what about him? Going out empty-handed from the treasure mountain, that even now, the shop is still unfrequented, that except for when they’re selling those draughts, they don’t have any revenue at all.

Muyan almost chokes on her tangerine!

What ‘don’t discard him’? Who exactly did she provoke that everyone is saying that she’s abandoning them?

cough…” Muyan takes the towel proffered by Xiao Bao and wipes her mouth with it. Only then does she speak, “Well then, wipe away those tears. A grown man, aren’t you ashamed of crying in front of Xiao Bao. I’m not letting you manage the drugstore because there are more important things that I want you to do.”

“More important things?” Chen Qingfeng’s rabbit-like red eyes looks at Muyan.

Muyan raises a hand and throws a book towards Chen Qingfeng, “I remember you saying that you have some basic knowledge about refining! Within half a month, thoroughly study the contents of these notes. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions.”

Chen Qingfeng picks up the book and flips it open, the words ‘Draught Manual’ written there.

In flower pin shorthand, inside are densely-packed explanations about draught ingredients, how to handle herbs, their different proportions and usage, as well as their various effects.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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