EMHS – ch158

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 158: You Are Playing With Fire!

Muyan’s little mouth, her scent, her everything – there seems to be a poison that with just a slight touch, he’s no longer able to extricate himself, getting addicted without him noticing it.

It’s as if countless years ago, they should have been one, Muyan should be a part of him.

And today, Muyan is unusually lovable and yielding.

Even as he takes her within his arms, she doesn’t struggle, she doesn’t complain.

Instead, her pair of eyes are shining even brighter than the moonlight.

However, just as Di Ming Jue is about to capture the sweet little mouth that he had long been yearning for,

Soft pink lips are slightly move, and a smiling lazy voice could be heard, “Five, four…”

Di Ming Jue is taken aback, unconsciously stopping his movements: “What did you say?”

Muyan is simply all smiles, a touch of mischief between her brows. The barely discernible mumbling continues: “three, two, one!”

As soon as she says the word ‘one’,

Di Ming Jue immediately feels weak and dizzy from head to foot.

To the point where he’s unsteady on his feet for a short while, almost falling down.

He firmly clenches his teeth and locks his eyes on the little woman in front of him, “What did you do?”

A smile increasingly deepens on Muyan’s beautiful face, “Why don’t you take a guess?”

Di Ming Jue sees red, reaching his hand out to take this hateful little woman and ferociously knead her in his embrace.

But Muyan nimbly turns away, avoiding the other.

On her bright and beautiful countenance, there’s a trace of a beguiling smile, “What’s wrong? Why is your face so red?”

“Jun! Mu! Yan!” Di Ming Jue growls.

Muyan gathers the scattered hair from behind, and places them in front of her. With a winsome laugh: “Why is Jun Shang making such a big fire? Do you feel very uncomfortable? Why don’t I go to the Spring Garden right now, and call the Queen of Flowers to come over for you?*”

  • She’ll go to a brothel and get a famous courtesan.

Saying so, she unhurriedly turns around and walks to leave the room.

She had given it some thought, about how to give Di Ming Jue his reckoning today.

She hasn’t prepared a meal by herself for several years.

Those things that look like black goo, the food that shouldn’t enter a mouth, they’re actually mixed in with a special draught that was made according to a formula left by Baili Liuyin.

Taking it alone has no effect. Moreover, it’s colorless, tasteless and odorless – no one would be able to detect it.

But used with the sound of the Tian Mo Qin’s [Life is But a Dream] song,

and the draughts effects will activate, and propagate thousands of times.

Even if Di Ming Jue has extraordinary strength, and a physique different from normal people, he would still be affected.

Hehe, Di Ming Jue, dared to bully her darling son!

Therefore she will let him know why the flowers are so red!

But as Muyan’s hand touches the doorknob,

Her body is suddenly rises up, both feet are lifted off the ground.

When she comes back to herself, she’s already been thrown on top of the bed.

And a man’s strong and scorching body is firmly pressing down on her, not giving her any space to budge even for a little bit.

“Woman, you are playing with fire!”

Di Ming Jue states overbearingly with a hoarse voice. His eyes are blood-red as they fiercely look down upon her, as if he’s going to devour her into his belly at any moment.

There’s a rare trace of chaos in Muyan’s breathing, “You… how did you get rid of the drug’s effect?”

It was written on Baili Liuyin’s notes.

This kind of draught had been modified from the properties of the drugs before she crossed-over.

Once it is inflicted, even the almighty from Xiuxian Continent would barely have the power to resist for a short amount of time.

Muyan initially thought that she would make Di Ming Jue burn with lust and suffer in this room for half an hour, and that should be considered as taking revenge for Xiao Bao.

The effects would naturally disappear after thirty minutes and there wouldn’t be any side-effects to one’s health.

But she didn’t expect this either.

That with just a few short breaths, how is it that Di Ming Jue has already shrugged off the drug’s effects?

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


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