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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 151: You! Lose!

Xiao Bao only has a grasp of Mysterious Energy, and yet he could actually do this!

Just how powerful is that physique, that it can allow him to raise his speed to such an astonishing extent?

However, Di Ming Jue, who is in the middle of Xiao Bao’s encirclement, only shows a disdainful look.

“Do you think that by using these unorthodox techniques, you would be able to snatch this vermilion jade from my hands?”

The jade ornament sways gently, and the tassels shine brightly.

The “Xiao Baos” around Di Ming Jue appear to have found the right timing “they’ve” been waiting for, and suddenly jump.

Boom boom boom bomm —!

The continuous sounds of fists striking reverberates like rolling thunder.

The trees surrounding the yard shudder violently from the tremendous air currents.

And together with the sound of the fist strikes, are Di Ming Jue’s words.

“Your feet are too slow. If I were to attack, you would have already lost both of your legs.”

“You Internal Force, should have already filled your body the moment you strike, instead of waiting and mobilizing it from your Qi Sea.”

“Keep in mind, martial arts is a skill used to kill, it must be direct and efficient. All superfluous movements must be eliminated.”

“If you cannot allocate every bit of Internal Force, and utilize it to the utmost limit, you’ll never be able to become a real master.”


On his side, Han Ye is simply flabbergasted!

Is this still their Jun Shang, the one who cherishes words like gold?

During this fight, he unexpectedly doesn’t mind taking all the trouble to teach the little gongzi.

Moreover, he even explains so much in one breath!

Han Ye thinks sourly: don’t even compare with Miss Muyan yet, I’m afraid that even if one adds up all the words Jun Shang had said in one year, what he said to the little gongzi today is still much more!

Some time have passed with Di Ming Jue and Xiao Bao criss-crossing.

It’s getting closer and closer to a quarter of an hour from the time they have begun.

Ten breaths, nine breaths, eight breaths…

Xiao Bao’s face and body are already completely covered in sweat.

For the first time, he finally feels the helplessness of defeat.

At this moment, he thoroughly understands that it’s impossible for him to win against this man in front of him, even if the other is giving such a concession.

But within those enormous, glistening blue eyes, not only is there a lack of despair and discouragement, a blazing flame ignites instead.

That’s because Xiao Bao believes that one day, he will surely become stronger than this person.

Niangqin said that he’s still young. This man is so much older than him, so when he grows up, he will definitely, definitely beat this guy!

Di Ming Jue is pleased as he sees the flame of unyielding fighting spirit inside the little guy’s eyes. He says a rare praise, “You’re better than I expected.”

He truly deserves to be Muyan’s son!

His only shortcoming is that extremely terrible temperament. Hmph, Xiao Bao must have inherited it from his father!

That trash!!

However, before Di Ming Jue could finish his monologue, there comes a sudden turn of events.

Just as Di Ming Jue is silently cursing Xiao Bao’s ‘birth father’, Xiao Bao suddenly raises his small hand and brandishes his fingers like a sword.

A sword of condensed Internal Force shoots out.

There’s a swishing sound, and the rope that Di Ming Jue holds the jade ornament with- is cut.

At the same time, Xiao Bao’s figure bolts like lightning, catching the jade with his hand.

The air seems to have frozen at that instant.

Han Ye gapes his mouth, and he can’t close it for a long time.

There’s a stiff expression on Di Ming Jue’s face, his eyes are filled with disbelief.

On Xiao Bao’s small eternally icy-cold face, a rare mischievous smile appears.

With the crisp and sweet-sounding voice of a child, his words echo within the courtyard: “You! Lose!”


Han Ye seems to have heard the sound of their Jun Shang’s heart breaking.

He trembles and shrinks into himself, shrinking back so much and desperately reducing his own presence.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  2. (This is just one of my wild speculations) Ahem I think Xiao Bao is the son of Jun Shang for his eyes, so he just insulted himself ???? lol 😂😂😂
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    • I think it was stated to be so in the series summary. That’s how it always is in these stories anyway so it’s a pretty safe bet.
      Thanks, shady, for the chapter.


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