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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 150: Please Enlighten

That’s because he was expecting that Jun Shang would simply amuse himself with the kid and con him.

But after hearing Xiao Bao agree to the challenge, Di Ming Jue doesn’t smirk like someone who got away with an evil scheme.

On the contrary, he adjusts his brows to be solemn and respectful. Hands brought together, he says: “Di Ming Jue of the Polar Domain, please enlighten!”

Xiao Bao is stunned. He also thought that this man in front of him just wants to tease and humiliate him.

But at this moment, he sees the man’s stern expression, and hears no inconsistency from the solemn voice.

Xiao Bao could finally feel a sense of respect from the other.

This man isn’t treating him like a child that he could make fun of.

Instead, he is treated like an equal opponent, someone that has an equal right to speak.

On the young and tender little face, all the anger and humiliation completely disappears.

Even to the point where, deep within the bottom of his heart, there’s a faint hint of joy and eagerness from being regarded an adult.

Xiao Bao straightens his back in return. His expression is neither servile nor overbearing, and with a crisp and clear voice of a child : “Jun Mochen of Chi Yan, please enlighten!”

Just as the voice falls, Xiao Bao’s figure suddenly disappears from its spot.

Han Ye’s pupils contract.

Even though 90% of his cultivation is sealed, he uses his experience and perception, but he can’t find how the little gongzi disappeared!

In the next moment, there’s a shadow in the sky.

Xiao Bao’s form is like a flash as he darts before Di Ming Jue.

Just a moment ago, he hadn’t leaked even a sliver of Internal Force. But in a split second, it suddenly pours down in torrents like the roaring of gigantic waves.

The small short legs create a multitude of afterimages, ferociously aiming the kicks towards Di Ming Jue’s chest.

A loud rumbling!

The small body flies out like a launched cannonball, then skids on the ground.

The little face is slightly pale.

However, Han Ye is unable to turn his sight towards him, since he widenes eyes, incredulously looking at his house’s Jun Shang .

He looks at the looming man, and sees that the vermilion-colored jade is still hanging on his hand.

The jade is rocking softly and the tassels are shining brightly.

It seems as if there isn’t the slightest change compared from just a moment ago.

However… however Han Ye clearly saw that just now… just as the little gongzi launched his Shadowless Kick*, Jun Shang unexpectedly took a step back.

*An actual martial arts technique, but for this, think of Chun Li’s Hyakuretsukyaku, or multiple kicks.

But that’s their house’s Jun Shang a!

Even if he doesn’t use Internal Force and has his spiritual power sealed, that powerful corporeal form is still unique and unmatched in the world.

If it was him, even if he uses all his strength to send a kick towards Jun Shang, he won’t be able to make Jun Shang move by even a fraction.

And yet the little gongzi actually did it!

A four-year-old child at that!

Even if he’s a child born from that outrageous Miss Muyan, that… isn’t that still too outrageous?

On one hand, Han Ye is so shocked from Xiao Bao’s display that his chin is about to fall off.

Yet Xiao Bao is very dissatisfied with his own performance.

The pair of small eyebrows are slightly puckered, the light within his ice-blue irises flicker.

Di Ming Jue expressionlessly says: “What? Will you give up like this?”

As soon as he finishes those words, Xiao Bao moves once again.

This time however, he doesn’t leap up in the air. He walks in a slow pace instead, circling around Di Ming Jue.

Han Ye finds it a bit strange when he first sees this.

What’s the use of going around Jun Shang like this? Does he want to make Jun Shang dizzy?

And with a speed this slow?

But after some time, Han Ye once again opens his eyes wide in astonishment. He reaches his hand up to rub his own eyes.

That’s because he finds that the little gongzi before him has multiplied.

It’s as if there are dozens of Xiao Bao’s clones at the field, grouping to surround Di Ming Jue.

It’s not like Han Ye hasn’t seen this kind of strange technique.

But they were all in the Xiuzhen or Xiuxian Continent, where it can only be achieved by using formidable Spiritual Power.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  3. I’ve mentioned it before, but Xiao Bao’s fighting style really reminds me of child Goku in dragon ball.
    Thanks for the chapter.


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