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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 143: The Devil

If one could say that the pressure from other people is merely like a fearsome momentum,

The pressure coming from this man is like the concentrated essence of it.

There’s a pair of bone-piercingly cold hands taking hold of their hearts, abruptly squeezing.

He clearly hasn’t unleashed any sort of attack, but the four people suddenly grab their own throats. They open their mouths wide and let out terrible choking sounds.

Moreover, the entire area of the Ghost City itself begins to produce a violent groaning noise.

Even more pieces of debris fall down from the ruined ceiling.

That’s to say nothing of the four Magistrates who are bearing the brunt of it.

Even Ru Yan and the others who are hiding at the side – each one of them have their faces turning ashen, their mouths throwing up blood. They want to groan and call for help, but even the smallest sound doesn’t come out.

It’s to the point where even the Ghost City’s guests, who were driven to the Beast Fighting Colosseum, each and every one of them begins to find it difficult to breathe as well. Their bodies’ Internal Force burble and churn uncontrollably.

There seems to be an incorporeal hand between the heaven and the earth that has the entire Ghost City in a stranglehold.

It only needs to exert a little effort, and it can crush this enormous structure and all the people inside of it.

“Jun Shang, calm down! Calm down a little!” Han Ye could stand it no longer, so he dashes over and braves death, saying with a trembling voice, “Jun Shang, don’t forget that this isn’t the Xiuxian Continent, this is the Yanwu Continent. If you release even a little bit more of your pressure, it may cause this whole realm to collapse. This… this is where Miss Muyan lives. Is… isn’t it just a few dregs? This subordinate can handle it for you.”

When Di Ming Jue heard what he said, he looks down towards the girl in his arms.

Even though he already did his best so his pressure will not affect Muyan, he could see that the person he’s holding has slightly knitted brows, apparently not having a restful sleep.

Di Ming Jue suddenly tightens his embrace on Muyan, gentleness and distress flashes through his eyes. In the blink of an eye, the pressure coming from his body disappears without a trace.

Having survived the mortal danger, Cao Wendao doesn’t care for his dignity anymore, as he kneels and prostrates himself towards Di Ming Jue, “We were wrong, we have eyes but we failed to see Mount Tai*. We beseech Your Highness to please spare us, spare Ghost City!”

  • failed to recognize something or someone important.

At this moment, Cao Wendao and the other three are truly regretting it so much, their intestines are green.

The people of Ghost City are accustomed to oppress and tyrannize. To think that they simply wanted to forcefully keep a mere draught refiner, and they unexpectedly provoked these two meteors to fall upon them.

Jun Muyan, this mere 18 or 19 year old girl, had taken their Ghost City and turned it upside down all by herself.

They thought that Jun Muyan was already dreadful enough, then this man had appeared before their eyes and he can’t simply be defined dreadful, he’s practically the devil himself ah!

In the face of this person, there’s only the instinct to be fearful. They can’t to have the slightest bit of resistance.

Di Ming Jue slowly raises his head. He looks at them, and a cold smile spreads across his stern face.

He holds up two slender fingers, lightly sliding them downwards.

There’s a ‘chi’ sound, and Cao Wendao suddenly grabs his own throat, opening his eyes wide in horror.

He opens his mouth, wanting to beg for mercy, wanting to scream. However, blood appears before any sound; it spills out from his lips and teeth, spurting out violently from the gaps of his fingers.

Boom, boom, boom, boom! Four muffled sounds, the four Magistrates crumple straight down, their bodies turning into bloody carcasses.

Han Ye laughs grimly at the side, saying to himself: hurting Miss Muyan and they still think they can retreat? Are they daydreaming?

At this time, Di Ming Jue’s gaze is already directed at the Ghost Envoys in the surroundings.

Everyone here is involved in harming Muyan.

He will not let even one of them off!

Ru Yan stumbles on her footing, falling down the ground with a thump. She looks at the handsome, god-like man and sees him slowly swinging down his fingers like a sword. There is only despair in her eyes.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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