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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 140: Dead But the Eyes Won’t Close

The expansive ceiling is on the is on the verge of collapse. Then it caves in and the dust flies up.


Each one of the Ghost Envoys outside the warehouse has their eyes wide open in horror and amazement.

Their bodies are shivering out of instinct.

This is a battle between six Precelestial experts, even if just a little bit of pressure spills out, it can make all of their Qi and blood lurch over and over, even breathing becomes difficult.

But even if they are frightened and find it difficult to bear, none of them leave.

All eyes are staring fixedly an the six crisscrossing figures in the warehouse.

As each moment passes by, the Ghost Envoys look more and more frightened.

That’s because even after a quarter of an hour had passed by, Jun Muyan doesn’t lose.

Half an hour goes by, and Jun Muyan still doesn’t lose.

The sound of the Golden Armored Cavalry* warp and weft along with the surging Internal Force.

  • folklore: shiny warriors on horseback.

Effectively cutting through.

Five Magistrates, five Precelestial powerhouses, and they haven’t made any progress for a the entire thirty minutes besieging a young woman.

Since the founding of Ghost City, this situation had never happened before!

Ru Yan puts her hands together and grasps them tightly, incessantly hoping for Muyan’s safety in her mind.

In the next moment however,

Cao Wendao suddenly hits Muyan’s chest.

The girl’s figure flies backwards like a kite with its strings broken.

The Ghost Envoys let out a cheering sound in that split second.

Ru Yan’s heart jumps.

Who would’ve expected that while in midair, Muyan’s body makes a sudden spin.

She turns towards Magistrate Xu.

The sound of the Tian Mo Qin abruptly transforms, like a whistling cold wind brimming with the lust for slaughter.

Cao Wendao’s complexion changes, “Wenhu, look out!!”

Magistrate Xu sneers in spite of it, “To use a mere Sound Blade to injure me, you greatly underestimate me, Xu Wenhu!”

As he’s talking, he doesn’t retreat but goes forward instead. He abruptly charges towards Muyan.

Musicians, so to speak, only have ranged and mental attacks as their strongest skills.

As long as one gets close, Muyan’s terrible sound blade attacks will be placed in a great disadvantage.

Once he catches this slut, he will make it so she would hate being alive but cannot die!

At that moment however, he sees that on girl’s face that is almost within reach, a beguiling smile opens to a bloom.

Like the blood-red umbel of a lycoris, alluring and filled with the flavor of death.

The next moment, the Tian Mo Qin suddenly disappears from Muyan’s hands, and within her grasp is the handle of a double-edged sword.

Majestic and overwhelming Internal Force pours out from within her body.

There’s a squelching sound, and indeed… a blade pierces through flesh.

Magistrate Xu’s opens his blood-shot eyes wide. He slowly lowers his head, and takes a look at his own chest.

Only to see the length of the sword that was thrusted out, piercing through him.

The sharp end vibrates faintly. Along with the Mysterious Force invading in, he could feel a rupture in his heart, and an outpour in his vitality.

But, how come? How… can this be?

They clearly have five Precelestial experts, while the other party is just girl that’s not even on her twenties.

Why did he lose?

And how can he lose?

The girl in front of him gives a small chuckle, resplendent like the red clouds of dawn, tempting like a peach, “Did you think that I can only use Sound Blades? As a matter of fact, I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time already.”

She recovers the sword and Magistrate Xu’s body falls straight down.

Until the moment of his death, his eyes are still wide, tenaciously glaring straight ahead, unable to close them.

He really is unable to understand, even with all the power of the Ghost City, they surround this small and feeble woman to kill her,

Why is he still the one to die?

The entire audience is as quiet as a grave, one would hear it if a needle is dropped.

Cao Wendao’s face is ashen. He looks at Muyan not just with awe, but with a hint of fear as well.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  3. thank you for the updates.

    One should know who are they up against first. You try to threaten the life of her child. Any mother would be vicious and demand blood as payback.

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