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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 138: Treasuring a Jade Ring Becomes a Crime

  • Talent/treasures will arouse the envy of others

As soon as he says that, a euphonious laughter like a silver bell is heard from within the warehouse.

“Tsk tsk, you guys are really too slow in coming here. I’ve been here waiting for a long time already.”

The door is wide open, revealing an absolutely empty Medicinal Ingredients’ warehouse.

In the middle of the room, all the cabinets are haphazardly piled up on top of each other.

A girl in dark clothes leisurely sits on top of it. Ink-black hair swaying slightly, a lazy smile on her face, she occupies the higher ground and looks down at the people who rush into the room.

Who else could it be, but Jun Muyan.

Many of the drug ingredients stored within the warehouse are assessed to be priceless in the market, having the value of a city.

It’s also considered to be Ghost City’s greatest resource.

However, the warehouse in front of them is completely empty – there’s nothing left.

All the draught ingredients are once again… once again completely looted by Muyan.

Magistrate Xu couldn’t help heaving his chest, his eyes that looking at Muyan are almost spitting fire.

In the next moment however, a change suddenly comes over his face and he reveals a greedy expression.

“Jun Muyan, do you have a Space Treasure on your body?”

If not, how can she so completely loot so many things from the Ghost City?

A portable space is considered a legendary treasure in Yanwu Continent.

Even for the Ghost City, only the highest ranked Ghost Emperor can have one.

Yet this Jun Muyan has a Space Treasure.

If he can take that Treasure, then he will be pardoned from today’s disgrace.

Since Magistrate Xu could think of this, the other Precelestial experts could think of it as well.

Their response time is exceptionally quick. In the blink of an eye, Jun Muyan is already completely surrounded.

“Miss Jun, if Magistrate Xu had said something inappropriate and offended you, we would like to apologize on his behalf. Our Ghost City will always treat you as an honored guest. There’s no need for us to become irreconcilable adversaries, is there?”

The one who opened his mouth is a middle-aged man with a scholarly look.

This man seems to be younger than the others.

But the moment Muyan lays his eyes on him, she slightly squints her eyes.

Even though he’s a Precelestial like everybody else, this man is clearly much stronger than Magistrate Xu and the others.

When the man sees Muyan looking over, he could see her snow-like countenance from below, and a stunned expression flashes inside his eyes.

He hooks up his mouth to show a refined and gentle smile, “This one is Cao Wendao, I’m also a Magistrate in the Ghost City of Xia’an. If Miss Jun doesn’t mind, why don’t we sit down and have a proper talk?”

As a matter of fact, these five Precelestial experts in here are all Magistrates of the Ghost City.

After all, no matter how strong and influential Ghost City is, Precelestial powerhouses aren’t like radishes and cabbages – you can’t just have them everywhere.

Unwillingness and indignation flits through Magistrate Xu’s eyes when Cao Wendao extended his goodwill to Muyan, but he doesn’t say anything in the end.

Today’s affair has been accomplished because the other Magistrates assisted him in hunting Muyan down.

But in their minds, there is still a resentment against him.

It was undoubtedly a good thing to recruit a powerful Master Apothecary, but because this idiot Xu Wenhu handled it poorly, even the Ghost City is almost torn down.

Perhaps, no matter the outcome of today’s affair, Xu Wenhu would not be be able to keep his position as a Magistrate.

Hearing Cao Wendao’s words, Muyan’s mouth stretches into a sarcastic smile: “Sit down and have a proper talk? Talk, is it so you can force me to become Ghost City’s exclusive refiner? Or maybe, talk because you want the Space Treasure that I have?”

Cao Wendao slightly narrows his eyes, “Miss Jun should know of the rhetoric that even if one is innocent, treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime. It would attract an impending massacre. Isn’t it a very good thing for our Ghost City to keep it for you?”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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