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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 137: Ruining Ghost City

In a snap, several peak Earth Stage and early Heaven Stage Ghost Envoys fall to the ground one after another.

Faced against Muyan, they didn’t have the slightest bit strength to resist.

“Jun Muyan, if you have true grit, don’t run!!” Magistrate Xu’s furious roar could be heard from a distance.

Following that, comes the dreadful and tremendous pressure that belongs to Precelestials.

Moreover, it’s not just one, but five.

Muyan chuckles, and with a clear voice: “Magistrate Xu, have you gone senile from age? This woman is a lady, of course I don’t have grit. On the other hand, if Magistrate Xu wants to be like me and have self-preservation, there shouldn’t be any harm for me to come and discuss it with you.”

“Aaargh!! Tramp, slut! I want to kill you, I’ll kill you!!”

Magistrate Xu rushes over like a gust of wind, but before him, Muyan’s figure is nowhere to be seen.

“Where?? Where is that slut?”

The Ghost Envoy trembles, “She… she ran!”

“Wastes–!!” Magistrate Xu swings a palm towards the other, making the Ghost Envoy flip down to the floor, “Can’t even hold up a single woman, what use does Ghost City have for you? Search, look for that slut for me, dead or alive! Whoever finds that slut will be greatly rewarded!!”

Ghost City is turned upside down, all the guests hurrying out of the Colosseum are not allowed to leave.

All the Ghost Envoys within the city have been completely dispatched to do a blanket search, all in order to find a young woman that has yet to reach the age of twenty.

However, no matter how they search, they can’t catch even Muyan’s shadow.

On the contrary, there’s an endless stream of bad news coming from everywhere.

“Magistrate Xu, bad news, bad news, Wan Ren Ku collapsed and all the slaves had run out!”

“Magistrate Xu, this is terrible, the armory, the weapons in the armory, everything has been removed!”

“Magistrate Xu, there’s a disaster, those slaves and Strange Beasts kept behind the Beast Fighting Colosseum, all of them were released from their cages. And for some reason, all of them seem to have gone mad, the usual draught can’t control them anymore!”

Magistrate Xu’s eyes turn extremely red, the eyelids open maniacally. The whole person is practically about to burst: “Jun Muyan, Jun Muyan! I want to dismember you into a thousand pieces! Tramp, I’m going to chop you up! Aargh!”

Magistrate Xu is itching to tear Muyan into pieces, but unfortunately, he can’t even get a hold of the hem of her clothes.

Jun Muyan is like a cat playing with the mouse, moving all over the Ghost City unobstructed.

Wherever she goes, there would be chaos and wanton destruction.

The Tian Mo Qin’s Sound Blade is simply not something to be trifled with.

With the support of powerful Mysterious Energy, even a solid building can also be reduced to rubble in a flash.

And so, one side chases, while the other runs.

Within less than an hour, the prosperous Ghost City that used to represent the summit of power in Xia’an, it has become a ruin in all respects. It’s a horrible spectacle.

In the end, Magistrate Xu’s eyes don’t simply contain fury, but also panic.

The Ghost City is ruined!

If he can’t catch Jun Muyan today, he… he will be too unsightly he might as well die!

Thinking of this, Magistrate Xu’s warped face reveals an insane murdering intent and malevolence.

Now, in the entire Ghost City, there is only that one last place remaining that hasn’t been destroyed or plundered.

The herbs’ warehouse!

Therefore, Jun Muyan must have gone there!

Magistrate Xu and a few people rush like currents of wind, to the location of the draught ingredients’ warehouse.

Bang, the door is kicked open.

And Magistrate Xu’s deranged snarl follows closely after, “Jun Muyan, this time, I want to see where else can you run!!”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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