EMHS – ch135

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 135: Rabbit Eats?

Quite a few people are already standing up and screaming crazily, raising bets for the Strange Beast that they favor.

On the arena, there are two beasts tearing at each other, bruised and riddled with scars.

With its sharp claws and agile movements, the Snow Leopard can win.

With its body as huge as a small hill and a slap of its paws capable of smashing a boulder, the Red Bear could prevail.

This pair, they are the two rarely seen Heaven Stage Strange Beasts of the Beast Fighting Colosseum.

They are also the Colosseum’s trump card.

Even the Ghost Envoys keeping them are at least at fourth-rank.

Otherwise, they will turn into these Heaven Stage Beasts’ meal if they aren’t careful.

Every time a Heaven Stage Beast appears in the arena, the scene would always be exceptionally lively.

Not to mention that today, the Beast Fighting Colosseum has actually made two of them come out.

Therefore, today’s audience are simply going crazy.

Blood, violence, cruelty, and carnage – these are what the Practitioners that visit the Beast Fighting Colosseum long to experience.

Time passes with every second like a minute.

More and more blood flow out of both Heaven Stage Beasts.

Seeing that the moment to determine victory draws near, the practitioners on the stands are fully engrossed, straining their throats by yelling in their frenzy.

No one noticed that in a corner, there is the plump figure of a snow white rabbit. It waddles straight into the center of the arena.

The rabbit gets closer and closer to the two Strange Beasts, then closer still.

Suddenly, the pair of Heaven Stage Beasts seem like they have finally sensed something. They immediately separate from each other and curl in on themselves. There is a look of panic in their eyes.

“What’s the matter? Why’d they suddenly stop fighting?”

“Hey, when did that rabbit get in the arena? Who threw it there?”

“Why… why does it feel like the two Heaven Stage Beasts are scared of this rabbit?”

What kind of joke is that?

Those are Strange Beasts at Heaven Stage!

Just a moment ago, they were fighting each other and they didn’t show any fear.

How could they be afraid of a rabbit now?

However, as the fat rabbit waddles closer and closer,

The two Strange Beasts’ behavior becomes more and more ridiculous.

The Red Bear’s enormous body creeps on the ground; its head is buried under the huge, fan-like paws; the body that is like an iron tower is trembling nonstop.

The Snow Leopard isn’t faring any better. The long tail is firmly tucked in, all of its bloodied fur are raised.

It opens its mouth towards the fat rabbit, baring its teeth. However, it doesn’t make a show of intimidation, but on the contrary, it releases a roar of despair.

While everyone is wondering, the fat rabbit walks to the space between the two Strange Beasts, it’s mung-bean eyes are shining brightly.

Then, a very small mouth opens towards the Red Bear.

Whoosh — !

It’s like a gust of wind blowing through the Beast Fighting Colosseum.

Afterwards, the tower-like Red Bear disappears before everyone’s eyes.

The fat rabbit rolls, its stubby paws struggles to touch its own tummy – still good and flat.

And so it turns to face the Snow Leopard, then opens its mouth once again.

The whole audience is as quiet as the dead.

After a few breaths, someone screeches very loudly, “Dis… disappeared, the two Heaven Stage Beasts disappeared!!”

“How could that be? Where did those beasts go? Why are they gone?”

“Did… did they get eaten by that rabbit?”

“Are you kidding? How could a rabbit eat two Heaven Stage Beasts, and have you seen the size of those two? If they were eaten, how would they fit?”

The rabbit turns and turns its fat body, then sees that there’s no food around here anymore. It just hops with its short legs, bouncing and bouncing to leave.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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