EMHS – ch134

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 134: Touch Him and Die!

At this time, Muyan is still wearing a very calm expression; so much so that there’s even an enticing smile on her lips.

Her eyes that are usually half-closed and filled with a lazy charm are completely open at this moment.

There’s a blood red speck in her eye that’s blazing like fire, like it it could burn everything in the world.

Xiao Bao is Muyan’s inverse scale*, no one is allowed to touch.

  • Scales found around a dragon’s neck. Sensitive and related to its life, touching it will cause the dragon’s extreme anger.

Touch him and die!

Nobody has expected this sudden change.

Even Magistrate Xu is also caught off guard.

When he returns to his senses, Muyan is already clutching Lou Fei’s throat.

Magistrate Xu angrily roars: “Jun Muyan, you dare to injure someone in my Ghost City, are you tired of living?”

Lou Fei’s neck is getting strangled, a red-violet color rises on his face. His eyes are filled with panic, his mouth opens wide and produces a hoarse and choking voice, “Save… save me… let me go… kill me, and you… you won’t survive…”

“You, if you dare kill me, kill me, you… don’t think you’ll walk out of here alive…”

Even though he’s nervous and afraid, even though he’s in pain, Lou Fei firmly believes that Muyan wouldn’t dare kill him.

Soon after, he sees the young woman, resplendent like a spring flower, smile brightly like the sun.

The five fingers on his neck abruptly tighten up.

The sound of a ‘crack’, Lou Fei’s neck crooks at an angle, then the sounds completely stop.

“Jun Muyan, you dare – !!!” Magistrate Xu issues a heart-piercing roar, he brandishes a palm and strikes out.

In a split second, there’s a turbulence of Internal Force and a frightening pressure is dispersed.

The surrounding chairs and tables are blown away, breaking into complete shambles.

All the Ghost Envoys drop on the floor, shivering and deathly pale.

Even that small first-rank Ghost Envoy has blood flowing out of his mouth. His eyes rolls back and he loses consciousness.

However, after the the wind palm vanishes, Magistrate Xu’s eyes sweep around, only to find that the whole room is empty. Where is Jun Muyan?

He trembles from head to foot, wanting to pull his hair in anger.

Ghost City has existed in Yanwu Continent for so long, and has been unbridled for the same amount of time.

Who dares to disobey, who dares to resist, when nobody even dares to show an iota of disrespect.

But today, he had his disciple killed right in front of him, by a little girl of just 18 or 19 years old.

How could he tolerate this kind of extraordinary shame and humiliation?

If Jun Muyan really escapes, how would people look at the Ghost City then?

“Pass my orders, stop all operations in the Ghost City, lock down all the gates, no one is allowed to go in or out of the Ghost City. Gather all the Magistrates and the fifth-rank Ghost Envoys, I will have that slut Jun Muyan found, even if Ghost City is turned upside down!”

There are a total of five Precelestial Practitioners in Xia’an, including Magistrate Xu.

Moreover, each one of them had been in the Precelestial realm for several years already, even more than a decade.

Even if Jun Muyan has a Precelestial strength, she’s just an 18 or 19 year old young woman. How can she contend against the Ghost City, this colossus.

Her outcome is already unavoidable, it will inevitably be very miserable.

Magistrate Xu issues the orders, the crazy anger in his eyes slowly recedes, turning into rancor and malice: “Jun Muyan, wait until you fall into this old man’s hands, I will make you wish for death but deny it!”


At the same time in the Beast Fighting Colosseum.

Magistrate Xu had just released his orders, but the final beast match on this side has yet to conclude.

“Roar~~~” with a sky-shaking roar, an imposing pressure surges up like a tide and spreads everywhere.

All around the spectator’s grandstand, everyone sucks in a mouthful of cold air. A pair of eyes are wide open with malevolence.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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