EMHS – ch133

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 133: The Well-meaning Won’t Come

“This woman, simply without a sense of shame…” Lou Fei is unable to bear it once again and he curses out.

However, one glare from Magistrate Xu and he begrudgingly withdraws at once.

Magistrate Xu turns his burning gaze towards Muyan, his voice low: “Miss Jun misunderstood, our Ghost City will not buy draughts.”

“Oh? Not buying draughts? Then what does Magistrate Xu intend by keeping me?”

Magistrate Xu raises the cup in front of him and drinks a mouthful. He slowly puts it down and says: “On behalf of Ghost City, I would like to invite Miss Jun to become our Ghost City’s exclusive refiner. In exchange, I would like to give Miss Jun the position and title of a fifth-rank Ghost Envoy. Miss Jun is so young, bright and talented. I believe that you should already know what kind of great benefits you can obtain when you become a fifth-rank Ghost Envoy in Ghost City?”

A fifth-rank Ghost Envoy?

It truly has great benefits!

Even in the entire Ghost City in Xia’an, there are only a dozen or so fifth-rank Ghost Envoys.

Moreover, each one of them had arrived in their position through their step-by-step cumulative contributions.

After becoming a fifth-rank Ghost Envoy, one can purchase all the treasures in the Ghost City by only half the price.

There is also the power over the lives, and the trade of which, of the slaves in Wan Ren Ku.

Hearing Magistrate Xu’s arrangement, Lou Fei’s eyes turn red with envy.

He has a deep background, and is an apprentice of Magistrate Xu. However, he’s still merely a fourth-rank Ghost Envoy after enduring for thirty years.

Then Muyan becomes a fifth-rank Ghost Envoy just like that?

A silly little girl that has yet to grow all her hair*, how could she step over his head?

  • Immature.

When Muyan hears that, there’s not the slightest change in her expression, and she casually says: “Oh? Being a fifth-rank Ghost Envoy sounds really good. However, what if I don’t agree?”

Magistrate Xu’s face suddenly turns cold at her words.

His voice has also become somber, like a real Magistrate of the underworld, “Miss Jun, did you really think that with your Precelestial strength, no one can be your match and you can run amok throughout all the lands under heaven?”

“Heh, outside, perhaps a Precelestial expert is indeed very rare. In our Ghost City however, that is just another useful tool in our hands. If you obediently agree to what we say, Ghost City will naturally reward you with ample power and wealth; but if you’re stubborn and insist on going against the Ghost City, then you will end up worse than those slaves that anyone can easily trample on in Wan Ren Ku!”

Muyan blinks, her expression is still lazy but the languid atmosphere drains out of her body.

She really hates it when other people threaten her.

On the other hand, Lou Fei has been indignant for a long time while he watches her arrogant appearance.

Now that Magistrate Xu is turning hostile to her, he suddenly feels very happy in his heart.

He can’t help but laugh out loud and say: “Jun Muyan, I did an investigation, you shameless whore. There is no husband, but you have that little bastard of a child. Who knows which feral man knocked you up. If you really want to go against our Ghost City, not only will you be sold to Wan Ren Ku, even your son won’t have a good end.”

“I know that there are a lot of high level Practitioners and rich people that really like playing with those beautiful children. I’ve seen your son, and he truly looks like a pink jade carving, it could excite people! I believe that he would fetch a good price if we auction him off in Wan Ren Ku. Hahaha… ack –!!”

As Lou Fei is laughing, he suddenly feels pain on his throat. His whole body is directly lifted up.

He is a man of five points large and three points thick, but the person lifting him up is actually this soft and delicate young woman, Jun Muyan.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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