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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 131: It’s… Hungry?

Her fingers gently rub against the jade bracelet on her wrist. A sliver of annoyance can’t help but flit across her eyes.

On the day that Jin Wangye proposed marriage, Di Ming Jue inexplicably gave her this white jade bracelet. She took it off as soon as she turned around.

Who would have expected that on the third day, that guy would discover that she didn’t wear it and get really angry, then subject her to a very aggrieved look.


Then this jade bracelet on her wrist can’t be taken off anymore.

Thinking of that overbearing and obstinate man, with an expression that he considers himself unexcelled in the world… Muyan can’t help but rub her forehead.

While she’s thinking, there’s suddenly a flash of white before her eyes.

A fluffy, white, fat rabbit appears in front of her.

Muyan raises her brows, “Hey, you lazy rabbit, so there’s also a day where you come out and take a stroll?”

The fat rabbit is still very perceptive.

It knows that she is the young master’s dam, and a person that has control over its life and death. And so, it extends its small tongue to lick Muyan’s fingers and curry favor. It also uses its fluffy and plump body to rub and rub against her.

Alright, wiggle around to rub.

She hadn’t seen this rabbit for just a few days, but why does it seem like its gotten fatter?

After it gratuitously tries to fawn over Muyan, the rabbit’s round mung-bean eyes suddenly dart towards a certain direction, there’s a gleam of greed and longing in its eyes.

The small fluffy mouth opens up, there actually seems to be drool trickling down from it.

As Muyan is wondering what this little guy wants to do, the rabbit’s hind legs does a jump, and it goes straight out of the room’s back window.

Wait, out through the back window, that’s the Beast Fighting Colosseum.

What does this fat rabbit want to do?

Muyan has quick eyes and fast hands, immediately stretching her hands to grab the fat rabbit.

The fat rabbit anxiously and confusedly twitches its four legs, then its round belly unexpectedly lets out a rumbling noise.

Huh? It’s… hungry?

Could it be that this fat rabbit has spotted some food?

As she’s thinking of this, she hears the voice of the pretty Ghost Envoy, “The next item for auction is the Purple Salvia Miltiorrhiza. The starting price is ten thousand gold coins.”

Hearing the words ‘Purple Salvia Miltiorrhiza’, Muyan’s mind suddenly gets a jolt, immediately preparing to bid.

Although there’s still some in her space, but they’re already running low.

In her moment of distraction, the fat rabbit immediately wriggles out of her grasp and hops out the window.

“Th…” Muyan wrinkles her brows.

The back window leads to the Beast Fighting Colosseum, it doesn’t just have crazy and bloodthirsty practitioners, there are fierce Strange Beasts that are a hundred times bigger than the fat rabbit.

That fat rabbit going there, it shouldn’t be mistaken as ration and eaten, probably.

However, remembering that the fat rabbit had eaten a sacred beast egg, even digesting it, Muyan puts her heart back at ease.

“Purple Salvia Miltiorrhiza, the noble guest of private room one bids twenty thousands gold coins!”


An hour of auction ends quickly. Muyan stands up with a smile and stretches her body.

She’s very satisfied with today’s harvest. Among the formulas left by Baili Yinlou, there are several like the Philter of Barrier Breaking that requires uncommon herbs. She very much wants to try refining them, but she doesn’t have enough ingredients.

Today, she finally managed to collect all these different kinds of uncommon materials.

But just when Muyan was about to pay the gold and get the materials, she sees a little rank one Ghost Envoy walking directly to her. Giving her a respectful salute: “Miss Jun, our Ghost City’s Magistrate Xu wants to meet you.”

Ghost Envoys have five ranks in the Ghost City.

And higher than those five ranks are the Magistrates.

The one above them is the person in charge of each Ghost City, the Ghost King.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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