EMHS – ch129

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 129: Muyan, My Wife

Aunt Chen also has a questioning look across her face: “These four people said that they were instructed to give these to you, miss. However, they won’t say who sent them, even when I asked.”

The four don’t say anything as they set the boxes down. Then, one of them very respectfully hands over a letter to Muyan.

Strange, there shouldn’t be anyone who knows her here in Xia’an!

Who would write her a letter?

As she’s thinking that, Aunt Chen has already opened up the chests on her side, then cries out in surprise: “Oh my, there’s a lot of jewelry!”

Muyan looks over and sure enough, the chests are packed with gold, silver and precious stones.

Although the amount seems to be less than those sent by Jin Wangye, their quality and value are actually far superior.

Especially the dozens of precious stones of various colors. Pick any one of them randomly, and it has the price of a city*.

  • General expression for something very valuable – could be true, could be an exaggeration.

“Miss Jun, these… who could have sent these to you? It can’t be another one asking for your hand in marriage, right?”

Muyan unfolds the letter in curiosity. Reading its contents, black lines appear all over her face.

Aunt Chen really guessed it right. Well, at least half right.

Because the letter reads –

“Muyan, my wife,

It’s boring with nothing to do, so I sent two boxes of these commonplace things for my darling to play with.

Not betrothal gifts!”

At the end, it is signed with a “Jue” written in a flamboyant flourish.

The man’s coldness, tyranny, as well as his prestige that casts a sideways glance at everything under the Heaven – are all revealed in great detail with this one character.

She doesn’t need to think too deeply to know who sent these.

Di Ming Jue!

So is this what he meant by ‘pursue’?

First, blast her wall, then blast some money?

So direct, so rough, so vulgar!

Also, when did she agree to marry him? Even going so far as addressing her as ‘my wife’?

Muyan stares at the lines on the letter. Seeing the last three words to be “Not betrothal gifts”, the corners of her mouth can’t help but hook up in amusement.

The most important thing is that it’s so petty.

These three words, are they supposed to mock those gifts from Jin Wangye as wretched?


As Muyan was thinking on what to do with these so-called ‘common things for her to play with’, Chen Qingfeng, who’s supposed to be manning the store, comes hurrying over. He says that there’s someone who wants to meet her.

The person that was looking for her is quite an unexpected surprise.

Muyan raises the teacup to her lips and takes a light sip. She lifts up her head to look at the woman sitting opposite of her. Smiling, she says: “Miss Ru Yan, how unusual that you would come and visit our small store.”

The woman sitting across from her is wearing purple clothes on her body and a light muslin on her face. She’s very subdued and there’s no smile on her expression. It is the famous Ghost Envoy from Xia’an’s Ghost City – Miss Ru Yan.

“Miss Jun, please don’t say it like that. You are now the most sought-after draught master in Xia’an. If you are willing to honor our Ghost City with your presence, we would be happy to receive you as an honored guest. This Ru Yan had received in no small measure a grace from you. I’m really ashamed that I can only come and pay a visit today.”

Ru Yan gets up from her seat and gives a bow towards Muyan, her expression incomparably sincere.

When she sits back down, she continues to speak: “In fact, I came here today to represent Ghost City and invite Miss Jun.”

“Oh? Invite me?” Muyan says unhurriedly, “I’ll say it beforehand. For the time being, I don’t intend to consign my draughts to the Ghost City.”

Ru Yan quickly shakes her head, “Miss Jun, you’ve misunderstood. In Xia’an nowadays, who doesn’t know that there are special draughts with miraculous effects and that they are only sold on Junji Drugstore. The rules set down by Junji Drugstore is also the most rigorous – no matter how much gold, no matter how much influence – nobody can make Junji Drugstore bend it’s rules to their favor.”

“This being the case, you still want to invite me?”

Ru Yan replies with a smile: “Yes, Miss Jun. To tell you the truth, there will be an auction of rare and precious herbs in the Ghost City in three days. I think you may be interested.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  1. Oh thank goodness. Miss Ru Yan you’re a sight for sore eyes moving the plot along like that. I mean I know this was sort of a training arc and Muyan was building up her rep, but with how little focus her training actually got combined with how long this took. I’m just really glad it’s over and we can move on.
    Thanks for the chapter.


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