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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 127: Smashing the Wall

“Just what is a few hundreds of thousands of gold? Even if it’s an ordinary draught, it would absolutely be superior as long as its refined by this great master. Today, Li family must grab it!!”

Because there’s too much demand and the draughts are too scarce, they end up using a lottery system.

Anyone lucky enough to draw a red card will have the privilege of getting a priority on buying a special draught.

Hence, within less than the time it takes to burn a stick of incense, a Mysterious Energy Philter at 40,000 gold coins, a bottle of Wound Healing Liquid worth 600,000 gold coins, and a Speed Serum priced at 300,000 gold coins – are immediately snapped up and sold out.

Just like that, the ones who spent their money are grinning from ear to ear, while the ones who weren’t able to buy anything are scowling miserably.

Not far from them, Tian Yongjin and Wang Jia Qin are just vacantly staring at the departing crowd.

Suddenly, they simultaneously raise their hands, and ruthlessly give their own faces a slap.

A Philter of Barrier Breaking set at four million gold, a miraculous draught at a cabbage price, and they actually just missed it!

They’re such pigs!


The draught buying frenzy outside has nothing to do with Muyan who is inside the space.

She only gave Cheng Qingfeng a few draughts this time, not because she wants to engage in hunger marketing, but because she’s really awfully busy.

She’s occupied with studying the Shen Musician techniques with the Tian Mo Qin.

The Shen Musician inheritance was directly sent into Muyan’s brain.

But gaining mastery over it isn’t as easy as is it in theory.

Up until now, the Shen Musician skills that Muyan has gained some proficiency on are: “The Sound Blade” that she uses to attack, “Echo Recovery” to restore Internal Force, “Dissipating Fog” to destroy heart demons and assist in cultivation, and the “Spring Snow” that assists the draught refining process.

These techniques seem to be quite powerful, don’t they?

As a matter of fact, these are still just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Shen Musician techniques.

And Muyan’s level as a Shen Musician right now has just achieved the pitiful level one.

A lot of techniques can only be practiced after raising her level as a Shen Musician.

There are also some skills, such as the “Echo Recovery”, that she can develop as a group support skill only once she reaches level two.

However, raising one’s Shen Musician level is easier said than done.

The more Muyan gets a grasp on these techniques, the more she realizes that if she wants to raise her Shen Musician level, simply advancing on her practitioner stage and increasing the amount of Internal Force in her body are very much not enough.

Shen Musicians, to say it simply, is a Musician that has Godly skills.

Musicians naturally understand music, and control the tunes.

Controlling the music requires one to have a powerful mental power.

Fortunately, Muyan is someone who had experienced rebirth, so if its mental power or will, she is far stronger compared to normal people.

This is the main reason why Tian Mo Qin ultimately recognized her.

However, a strong mental power is still not enough.

That’s because after advancing to level three, all the upgraded Shen Musician techniques require Spiritual Power to control.

Right now, Muyan has yet to get a feel and discover the threshold of Spiritual Power.

On one hand, Muyan is practicing on the Tian Mo Qin to improve her proficiency in each technique, as well as increase her mental power while she’s at it. On the other hand, she’s thinking of ways on how she could cultivate Spiritual Power.

All of a sudden, she could hear some explosive noise coming from the outside, and she could also feel the energy fluctuations inside the space.

She promptly exits the space and walks to the direction of the sound, eventually arriving at the backyard.

Muyan is struck dumb by the sight that greets her.

What once belonged to the Chen family, the west wall of the now Junji Drugstore’s backyard was smashed, and there’s a large hole in its place.

There’s a head poking out from behind the wall, apparently taking measurements of its length and width.

After deciding that it isn’t wide enough, he raises his fist and launches it out, smashing the wall with a punch.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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