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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 123: Crazy Old Man

Cheng Qingfeng gulps. Only after quite a while is he able to say with difficulty: “Tian-dashao, the Philter of Barrier Breaking that this humble one had just mentioned, it’s a hundred times more potent than the special Mysterious Energy Philter… so the price is naturally a hundred times that of the special Mysterious Energy Philter. That’s why, forty thousand gold coins… isn’t enough.”

“Forty thousand gold coins, multiplied by a hundred?!!!” Tian Yongjin is taken aback for a moment, then he incredulously bellows, “Four million gold coins? You want this young master to pay four million gold coins for a draught that I’ve never heard of, do you take me for a fool that you can play with?!”

Chen Qingfeng then retreats in fright, but he nevertheless insists: “I’m very sorry, Tian-dashao, this is the price that the owner decided upon, there’s nothing that this humble one can do! If you really want to buy the Mysterious Energy Philter, why don’t you come again a little bit earlier tomorrow?”

In the end, Tian Yongjin doesn’t buy the Philter of Barrier Breaking. To be honest, four million gold coins is too expensive even for Tian-dashao who squanders money like dirt. He can’t just casually come up with that amount.

What is this ‘Philter of Barrier Breaking’ anyway? He’s never heard of it.

However, in the next few days, Tian-dashao will regret his decision today until his intestines are all green.


Since the departure of Tian Yongjin and Wang Jia Qin, Junji Drugstore has become deserted once again.

Throughout the day, there’s not even a single visitor.

Just when Cheng Qingfeng thinks that there won’t be any further business for today, he sees an old man with an unshaven beard and wearing grey garments.

The old man’s appearance is somewhat down and out, but Chen Qingfeng doesn’t neglect him in the slightest. He goes up and gives an enthusiastic welcome.

“Excuse me, does this guest want to purchase some herbs or maybe draughts? However…” speaking ‘til here, Chen Qingfeng trails with a bit of embarrassment, “Our shop is quite small, so the only draught that we sell is the Mysterious Energy Philter.”

After hearing his words, the old man shows an understanding but disappointed expression. He turns around to leave.

However, Chen Qingfeng appears to have recalled something, and hesitantly adds, “This shop is also selling a special kind of draught called Philter of Barrier Breaking. It is something that our boss had personally refined, but the price is a little…”

Chen Qingfeng has yet to say the word “expensive” when the old man suddenly opens his turbid eyes wide, and says in a trembling voice: “Y-you, you, what did you just say this draught is called?”

“Philter of Barrier Breaking.”

The old man’s expression looks even more animated, his eyes staring unwavering at Chen Qingfeng. Both of his withered hands grab onto Chen Qingfeng’s clothes, “Philter of Barrier Breaking, give me the Philter of Barrier Breaking!! Do you know how long I have been looking for this draught?!”

Chen Qingfeng jumps in shock from the old man’s crazy appearance, “But this guest, the Philter that our boss refined has a very expensive price. It costs four million gold coins, and it is only effective for practitioners that are Earth Stage and below. Are you certain?”

“Hahaha, four million, how is four million expensive?” the old man looks up and laughs heartily, “As long as it can help me break through my bottleneck, don’t even mention four million, even if I pay another four million, it would be worth it!”

Saying that, the old man rapidly takes out a case.

Opening it, there are dozens of pearls and a stack of banknotes.

Chen Qingfeng gives it a rough estimate, and the value already exceeds four million gold coins.

He feels like he’s in a dream, in… in a blink of an eye, did their pharmacy already earn a profit of four million?

More importantly… these four million is a net profit ah!!

As soon as Chen Qingfeng hands him the Philter of Barrier Breaking, the old man immediately snatches it and drains all of its contents in one gulp.

Afterwards, he’s already at the door of the Drugstore, sitting cross-legged in meditation and operating his Internal Force.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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