EMHS – ch122

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 122: A Hundred Times Stronger

“I don’t mind!” Di Ming Jue says with a cold face. He clenches his teeth and says, “What’s past is past, Ben Jun doesn’t care.”

As for what he really thinks in his mind, whether he really cares or not, only Di Ming Jue himself knows for sure.

Muyan’s teeth itch: “Heh, you don’t care but I do!”

“Ben Jun will treat the little one like my own son.” Di Ming Jue ignores her protests and continues, “As long as you are married to Ben Jun, Xiao Bao will be a supreme crown prince within the three realms, and no one will dare to threaten him.”

These words are more sincere and genuine compared to his earlier “Ben Jun doesn’t care”.

He doesn’t know why, even though he’s fully aware that Xiao Bao is Muyan’s son from her “former husband”, even though he has a certain dislike for that little one… he could feel an indescribably sense of intimacy.

“I will protect my own son by myself, there’s no need for you-”

Muyan is barely able to utter half of her rejection when she is caught by her slender waist, and her red lips are sealed.

It’s a good while before Di Ming Jue releases her, saying in an insufferably arrogant manner: “If you don’t agree, Ben Jun will pursue you until the time that you do. If you have any misgivings, Ben Jun will eliminate your misgivings one by one; if you still have other people in your heart, Ben Jun will wait until I am the only one that remains in there. However Jun Muyan, you are bound by the Mandate of Heaven, and are destined to be my, Di Ming Jue’s, wife!”

With that, he doesn’t wait for Muyan’s response before his form disappears from the room.

That leaves Muyan alone, foolishly standing in place. Her face is so red and she can’t seem to return to herself.

A long while later, she grinds her teeth and closes the opened window. She thinks of man’s overbearing declaration and her mouth curves up into a lazy and enticing shape.

In this life and the one before, Di Ming Jue is still the first one to harass her like this- wanting to pursue her, even disregarding the fact that she already has a child.

Hehe, she’s quite curious now.

Just how will this insufferably arrogant man pursue her, how will he move her?


Early in the morning of the next day, Chen Qingfeng had barely opened shop and two figures are already scrambling to get in

“Give me your special Mysterious Energy Philter!”

The two men are naturally Tian Yongjin and Wang Jia Qin.

The two men entered the shop at practically the same time, and they also yelled their orders at the same time.

Chen Qingfeng is confounded after getting yelled at, and he doesn’t react in the slightest. The two anxious men both have their faces redden.

Nevertheless, Wang Jia Qin reacts first and he quickly takes out a bag of gold coins and sets it on the counter, “Today, this young master is the first one to pay the money. Quickly give me the special Mysterious Energy Philter!”

Chen Qingfeng hurriedly and absent-mindedly takes the Philter and gives it to Wang Jia Qin.

Wang Jia Qin promptly reveals a complacent smile and sways it in front of Tian Yongjin, “Tian-dashao, you let me win today!”

Saying so, he swaggers away.

Tian Yongjin is left on the same spot, gnashing his teeth with a belly full of anger. He has nowhere to vent but towards Chen Qingfeng. He bellows: “Stinking brat, are you tired of living? You actually sold this young master’s draught to others!! Believe it or not, this young master will thrash your shop at once!”

From the bottom of his heart, Chen Qingfeng feels wronged.

He doesn’t want to offend Tian Yongjin, but neither does he dare offend Hongsheng Medicine Hall’s young boss, Wang Jia Qin!

“Tian… Tian-dashao, please calm down. Actually, our owner is launching a new kind of draught today. I think that you would like to buy this new draught? I can guarantee that this draught’s potency is a hundred times stronger than the Mysterious Energy Philter.”

Tian Yongjin asks skeptically: “What draught is so powerful? Go ahead and say it.”

“The Philter of Barrier Breaking.”

“What the hell? This young master is experienced and knowledgeable, but I’ve never heard of such draught. Well, whatever. Give this young master a bottle.” As he says that, takes out a bag containing 40,000 gold coins and sets it down.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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