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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 113: Whose Fire Pit

“Moreover, he’s naturally unconstrained. His favorite hobby is to collect all kinds of beautiful women. I’ve heard that there are no less than a hundred different concubines in Jin Wangfu, and there are also quite lot of them that he took by force, acting tyrannically. And as it happens, nobody dares to offend him as he relies on the protection of Huang Yao Country’s Emperor.”

Even in Huang Yao Country, this Jin Wangye is so unconstrained.

Not to mention they’re here in Chi Yan, a low-order country.

A mere weak woman like Muyan, one with a young child at that, how can she contend against this kind of power?

“Miss Jun, I have already told Feng-er to stall them, you quickly escape from the back door. In any case, you can’t be insulted by such animals!”

Saying so, she struggles to push Muyan and Xiao Bao towards the back door.

Although she’s already using all her strength, Muyan and Xiao Bao still aren’t budging.

Muyan sighs gently for a bit and sets Aunt Chen’s leaning body upright. Softly saying, “If we were to go, what about you and Chen Qingfeng? What about this drugstore? Aunt, did you think it over?”

“There’s not enough time to think so much about it!” Aunt Chen says through clenched teeth, “You are our Chen family’s benefactor. Anyhow, neither Feng-er nor I can just watch as you enter the fire pit.”

Muyan’s lips curl up in a smile. It has a heavenly charm but with a chilling edge, “I really don’t know who will jump on whose fire pit. Auntie, just have a good nap over here; and when you wake up, everything will be back to normal again.”

Just as Muyan finishes her words, Aunt Chen’s body wobbles and the latter loses consciousness.

Muyan lays her down on the chair that she previously occupied, then takes Xiao Bao out with her.

As soon as she enters the front portion of their shop, she sees that the originally empty room is now filled with chests.

There are also several people dressed in celebratory clothing, they’re outside with drums, gongs and shawms.

The commotion from earlier is definitely caused by them.

Within the shop itself, except for the gaping and speechless Chen Qingfeng, there is an elderly man.

This old man appears to be fifty or sixty years old. He has gray hair, and is well-dressed.

His face is set up on high and he has a haughty air around him. Especially as he sweeps his eyes on Cheng Qingfeng and the lousy goods in the shop, there’s even more contempt on his face.

As soon as Muyan appears, Chen Qingfeng immediately exclaims, “Miss Jun, you, how are you here? Shouldn’t you have already…”

Muyan gently pats him on the shoulders and motions for him to keep calm. She then turns to the old man.

The old man stares at her for a moment, a stunned expression flashes through his eyes.

In his mind, he thinks that he’s never seen such an excellent skin as this, even among the beautiful women in Jin Wangfu.

It is no wonder that after Wangye* had returned, he had always kept this fox-faced girl in his mind. He even instructed that they welcome her through the door with the ceremony for a side consort.

  • prince, marquis, nobleman

Humph! So what if she’s good-looking?

She’s just a lowly woman from a low-order county, just how is she worthy of the position of Side Consort in Jin Wangfu?

Thinking of this, the stunned expression within the old man’s eyes turn into disdain, “You must be Miss Jun Muyan. This one is Steward Sun from Huang Yao’s Jin Wangfu.”

After that, he pauses for a moment.

He waits for Muyan to gasp in surprise, then show admiration and eagerness.

After all, through their talents and efforts, just how many people in this low-ranked country yearn to become citizens of the highest-order country?

But who would’ve expected that, there wouldn’t be a tiny bit of change on that girl’s splendid and moving features. Even those beautiful eyes don’t seem to pay him any importance at all, “Oh, then?”

It is a clear and euphonious voice which is filled with carelessness.

This is a clear show of disregard for him!!

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

9 thoughts on “EMHS – ch113

  1. “Not worshiping my country?! She disregarding me!!” Even by Chinese Novel standards this stewards face seem exceptionally delicate.
    Thanks for the chapter.


  2. Steward Sun since you can look down on Muyan, please do not expect mercy from her. Even if she becomes your master’s side consort, her ranking will still be better than yours.


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