EMHS – ch111

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 111: Who Is It That Doesn’t Have Eyes

The owner wipes the sweat on his forehead, taking in large mouthfuls of air, glad that he kept his life after the calamity.

Han Ye steps forward and tosses over a sparkling clear sapphire piece, “Is this enough to exchange for those three pieces of white jade jewelry?”

When the owner sees the grade of this sapphire, he immediately smiles from ear to ear, “It’s enough, definitely enough!”

Although the three pieces of white jade are exquisite and beautiful, but one can only come across sapphires serendipitously.

Such a large chunk can be carved into quite a few items. Not to mention three jade pieces, it won’t be a problem if they want another three more.

Han Ye smiles and looks towards Xiao Bao, “This little gongzi, the matter just now is only a mishap. To apologize, we’ll be paying for your white jade earrings as well!”

Di Ming Jue icily humphs, looking dissatisfied but he doesn’t stop it.

Who would have expected that Xiao Bao simply doesn’t appreciate the gesture, as he takes out two gold leaves from his chest pocket. He jumps on a chair, and tosses them to the shopkeeper with a “Keep the change!”

“Ah,” cries the owner, becoming even happier.

He was just thinking that he’s down on his luck, but who would’ve imagined that he actually made such a great transaction.

Xiao Bao disregards the gold leaves, sends a cold glare to Di Ming Jue, and jumps down the chair.

Di Ming Jue looks at the little bean sprout’s departing figure, slightly narrowing his eyes. “Let’s go!” he says after a long while.

The owner holds the sapphire and gold leaves in his hands, smiling so much that his face is barely visible under his teeth.

However, his face suddenly changes and he looks up in alarm. He tries to call out for Di Ming Jue and Xiao Bao to come back

But when he managed to look out the door, those three people are nowhere to be seen.

The boss suddenly frowns, showing a guilty and diffident expression.

This is terrible, he was just too scared and then too happy. He forgot to say something to the two noble guests.

The great master who made this set of Dragon and Phoenix jewelry had said,

The white jade earrings are carved as the Phoenix, and white jade bracelet is made as the Dragon. The Dragon and Phoenix must be worn by the same person, having them in perfect harmony, it is has an auspicious significance of peace and happiness.

If they are separated, it would represent the yearning to meet, a sorrowful farewell.

This is also the reason why the owner didn’t just casually display this Dragon and Phoenix jade set for sale.

Those two noble guests gave so much money, but he didn’t inform them of such an important detail.

This really… really troubles his conscience!


“Young master, you’ve returned.” Chen Qingfeng was just diligently auditing the shop’s income and expenditures, when he sees a small figure coming in from the doorway.

Xiao Bao doesn’t pay him any mind and walks straight to the backyard. His handsome little face is taut from the start till the end.

Chen Qingfeng can’t help but shudder.

Although Xiao Bao usually acts like a tiny grownup, the imposing presence from his body is even more formidable than that of the high-level old practitioners.

But for some reason, Chen Qingfeng thinks that Xiao Bao is more chilly today, making him feel more afraid to get close to him.

Xiao Bao passes through the backyard and soon enters into another courtyard. He sees Muyan reclining on a wicker chair, reading.

The moment he sees Muyan, his stretched taut face finally softens somewhat.

He quickly comes to Muyan’s side and hoists himself twice, climbing the chair in practiced manner and snuggles into Muyan’s arms.

Muyan hasn’t seen her son for a long while today, and she misses him quite a bit. Seeing him latch on to her as soon as he comes back, she immediately hugs and gives him kisses, “Baby, did you have fun playing outside today?”

His handsome face wooden, Xiao Bao shakes his little head, “Not fun!”

“What happened?” Muyan kneads her son’s soft and tender cheeks, “Who was it that didn’t have eyes and actually made my baby unhappy. Niangqin will teach him a lesson for you.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  1. Nasib yang menyatukan mereka bertiga hampir dekat.Namun jalan pertemuan tampak ada sedikit perselisihan antara ayah dan anak.


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