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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 110: Neither Giving Way to the Other

Strangely enough, the young boy who is bearing the brunt of Di Ming Jue’s pressure seems to feel nothing at all.

Without the least bit of cowering, he stares at Di Ming Jue and repeats: “Shameless! This is mine!”

Saying so, he pulls even harder.

Only to hear a snap, as the jade hairpin breaks in half in the pair’s hands.

The two look at the jade’s half that remain at their own hands, the appearance of each person is outstandingly handsome, but their expressions have become frightening.

Di Ming Jue had just released a terrible pressure, and this time, the little boy also emits a frightening momentum like the violent surging of the tides.

The owner and the guests are already pissing themselves in fear.

Han Ye is extremely astonished and disbelieving.

This… just who is this little boy in the end?

How could he contend against their Jun Shang’s might and pressure?

It should be known that with their Jun Shang’s cultivation, the monarchs anger could reach for thousands of miles. Even in the Xiuxian Continent, everyone can only tremble in fear under Jun Shang’s fury.

Even if his strength is currently suppressed by ninety percent, this is still the Yanwu Continent ah. And this little boy is even unable to practice with spiritual power.

And yet, he can directly contend against their Jun Shang?

Is he dreaming right now?!

Presently, the little boy that appeared in the Treasure Pavilion is naturally Xiao Bao.

Back when they lived in that unnamed valley, Xiao Bao often went out alone. He would take up some covert deals, mercenary tasks that don’t require him to show his face. It’s to make money to buy things for Muyan.

Therefore, the gold leaves in his hands are what he himself have earned, not given to him by Muyan.

He came out today because he saw Chen Qingfeng giving Grandma Chen a present, and he remembered that he hadn’t bought his mother a gift for quite a while already.

He went out for a stroll around town.

With great difficulty, he finally fancies a white jade hairpin in the Treasure Pavilion, thinking that it’s barely worthy of niangqin. He wanted to buy it, but he didn’t expect that a shameless man would appear to fight him over it.

“You broke something for niangqin, you should pay!” Xiao Bao knits his tiny brows, fiercely glaring at Di Ming Jue.

Di Ming Jue argues, “Brat, this is mine!”


Neither is giving way to the other, and the invisible pressures emanating from them is also growing.

Even the whole store building begins slightly shudder. Furthermore, the dust at the beams above are falling down.

“These guests, please have mercy, have mercy ah!” When the owner sees that his shop is about to disappear before his eyes, he can no longer dally in fear. He frantically scrambles over, saying in anguish, “This gentleman, this little gongzi, quell your anger, please calm down ah! Do you gentlemen wish to buy this Phoenix Tail hairpin? We have something else in our humble store! Guaranteed to be better than that Phoenix Tail hairpin! Please don’t fight again!”

If you fight again, I won’t be able to keep my shop!

Saying such, the boss frantically scrambles to run and press something under the counter that has the imprint of his hand. He comes holding two small brocade boxes on his hands.

Opening the boxes, neither of them contain the Phoenix Tail hairpin.

One is a bracelet, and the other is a pair of earrings.

Although they’re not the Phoenix Tail hairpin, these jade bracelet and earrings have the same texture as that hairpin.

Moreover, the workmanship is more complex and delicate. Under the light, they also appear more refined and elegant.

‘Hmph, it’s barely qualified to be given to my niangqin!’ Xiao Bao thinks. He then stands on his toes to take the Dragon and Phoenix white jade earrings.

‘Hmph, it’s barely qualified to be given to Ben Jun’s woman!’ Di Ming Jue thinks. With a wave, he gathers the the Dragon and Phoenix white jade bracelet into his sleeves.

In a split second, the shop that was on the verge of collapse returns to normal, and the terrible pressure also disappears. The trembling guests and personnel also crawl out from under their hiding place.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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      • In ch.33 when she’s under the illusory effects of the Godly Musician Inheritance she sees:

        “In one instant, her stomach is cut open and the bloody placenta is dug out.

        In another, Gong Qianxue takes Xiao Bao and throws him into a Dan furnace.

        Next, she’s in a pitch-black cavern with that terrible man pressing her under his body, red-hot boiling pain tearing into her, making her wish for oblivion but unable to achieve it.”

        So make of that what you will.
        Thanks, to Shady, for the chapter.

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  2. it’s weird how nobody mistook them for father and son already…actually they would be right, but no one knows that yet

    thanks for the chapter!


  3. Beruntunglah pemilik toko memiliki dua jenis barang yang cukup bagus.Kalau cuma satu akan menimbulkan perebutan dan perselisihan yang tidak selesai-selesai.


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