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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 105: Not Expensive At All

However, why would the young owner of Hongsheng Medicine Hall come to their small, out-of-the-way pharmacy just to buy Mysterious Energy Philters?

Wang Jia Qin waves the folding fan, smiling as he says in scholarly manner: “Tian Yongjin, you yourself are here, so why can’t I? Hehe, I was contemplating how the white wolf under Tian-dashao could suddenly become so fierce at the beast match, so much so it actually turned defeat into victory! So that mysterious drug is unexpectedly found here.”

Tian Yongjin’s face turns green and white, turning to furiously glare at the guards and underlings beside him.

These useless things, they didn’t even manage to detect that they were being followed.

Since Wang Jia Qin had followed them here, he’ll know of the secret Philter.

Actually, last night, Tian Yongjin and Wang Jia Qin had agreed to meet at the Beast Fighting Colosseum for a duel.

But it wasn’t the two of them who personally fought each other. Instead, it was the two Strange Beasts that they carefully selected.

One is a Red Flame Leopard.

The other is a White Ice Wolf.

The two Strange Beasts were at the early Profound Stage but because of their attributes, Wang Jia Qin’s leopard was firmly suppressing Tian Yongjin’s white wolf.

Although it wasn’t losing, it was consuming Internal Force too quickly.

Unfortunately, Tian Yongjin didn’t buy enough Mysterious Energy fluid and the quality wasn’t good enough either. He saw that the white wolf had used the last of his Mysterious Energy Philters, while the leopard at the other side had only taken half the amount of the same Philters.

Tian Yongjin thought that he would definitely lose, so he threw all the cups and fruit platters in the private room, sweeping them down to the ground in his anger.

Wang Jia Qin was incredibly carefree, leisurely and contented over at his side.

In next moment however, something inconceivable happened.

Due to the excessive consumption of Internal Force, as well as the enormous intake of Mysterious Energy Philters, the scarred and bruised white wolf only had a breath of life left on its body. But suddenly, it opens its eyes.

A powerful and frightening momentum bursted out from its body.


A deafening roar reverberated through the sky, and the leopard across whimpered a bit, taking a few steps back in fear.

In their private rooms, Tian Yongjin and Wang Jia Qin simultaneously stood up, shocked expressions drawn on their faces.

For at that moment, they discovered that the white wolf’s strength of early Profound Stage had advanced to the middle of Profound Stage.

A White Ice Wolf at the mid Profound Stage, against a Red Flame leopard at the early Profound Stage… the result is as one can well imagine.

The leopard didn’t even have the time to take its remaining Mysterious Energy Philters before it got beaten by the white wolf into meat paste, and it breathed its last.

How could Tian Yongjin think that the outcome where his loss is certain, would unexpectedly have a turnaround at the last moment.

Seeing Wang Jia Qin’s unsightly appearance emerging out from the next room, Tian Yongjin laughed heartily and immediately ordered people to bring over the meritorious white wolf.

Strangely enough, the white wolf’s cultivation had actually downgraded to the early Profound Stage.

However, its body didn’t have any side-effects from taking a ‘barrier rupturing’ drug, but on the contrary, it’s in great spirits. Even the injuries it had received are rapidly healing.

Even if Tian Yongjin was stupid, he could still guess that it was the effect of the Mysterious Energy Philter that he bought for 10,000 gold coins.

A Mysterious Energy Philter that would allow a Strange Beast to temporarily breakthrough, from the early Profound Stage to mid Profound Stage.

There is no side effect after taking a bottle, but the Philter can make improvements on the mental state instead.

This special Mysterious Energy Philter that costs 10,000 gold coins, it’s not expensive at all!

No, it’s not just inexpensive! It’s simply too cheap!

Tian Yongjin resisted his impulse, and waited for eight more hours.

That’s because the side effects of draughts normally break out after eight hours, at most.

After eight hours, the white wolf was still radiating health and vigor, and even its Internal Force had become richer.

Tian Yongjin was practically wild with joy, and immediately set forth to the Junji Drugstore.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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