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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 102: Junji Drugstore

“A! Don’t mind it, don’t mind it! Xiao Bao is so thoughtful!”

Xiao Bao turns his head and brings the steamed bun Muyan’s mouth, “Niangqin, eat!”

Muyan leans down to take a bite, smiling as she says, “Mm, the steamed bun is delicious, Xiao Bao should also eat!”

The little guy takes the bun and stuffs it to his mouth like a squirrel.

Even when he eats, Xiao Bao’s handsome little face is still icy and expressionless.

But looking at that undeniably adorable and clever appearance, it can simply melt the hearts of even the hard-hearted.

Mother Chen can only sigh: “Miss Jun, you have a great relationship with your son!”

When they snuggle together, everything in the world seems to fade away. As long as they have each other, they have already transcended over countless civilizations.

Muyan leans down to lay a kiss on Xiao Bao’s head, her features soften, “Mn, Xiao Bao is the greatest gift that was given to me by the Heavens.”

Xiao Bao tilts his head to look at Muyan, his blue eyes have the luster of the stars.


The second day comes, then the third day, and “Junji Drugstore” had been very deserted. Only flies hither and thither around the counter.

By the way,

The Chenjia Drugstore had been formally renamed Junji Drugstore a few days ago.

And it was changed due to Chen Qingfeng and Aunt Cheng’s insistence.

According to Chen Aunt, they have already taken so much from Muyan.

Now that the pharmacy belongs to Muyan, of course it can’t be called Chenjia Drugstore anymore. Otherwise, what would be the difference since Muyan had bought it?

Muyan can’t change their mind, so she allowed them to change it.

On the third day, Chen Qingfeng is sitting anxiously at the counter when he suddenly hears some noise and messy footsteps. It’s coming towards his shop.

“Tian-dashao, this… do we really need to buy Mysterious Energy Philters in this small, run-down pharmacy? Why don’t we go to Hongsheng Medicine Hall? This small shop is really too shabby to look at.”
dashao- some rich guy’s eldest son, or an arrogant spendthrift.

“Hmph, don’t you know that our Tian-dashao have some enmity with Hongsheng Medicine Hall’s young master? Wouldn’t we be hitting our own face if we go to him to buy medicine?”

As they’re talking, they’ve already come inside the shop.

There’s a total of five people in their group, headed by a young man in blue clothes. His looks can’t be regarded as handsome, but his pair of eyes are like sizzling currents that people wouldn’t dare look directly.

His impatient voice comes over: “Enough jabbering! Isn’t it just buying some Mysterious Energy Philters? It’s the same wherever you buy it.”

“Tian-dashao is right, the Philters have the same effect no matter how good they are. The Hongsheng Medicine Hall isn’t the only one selling Mysterious Energy Philters.”

When Chen Qingfeng sees the group, he immediately gets up to welcome them.

He is in the early Profound Stage, and he can’t see through the cultivation of any of the five before him.

So these people should be on the middle Profound Stage or higher.

Martial practitioners that have cultivated at this level are usually more generous with money.

“These guests, what kind of medicine would you like to buy?”

Next to the blue-clad youth, there’s a short man that speaks: “Bring out all your shop’s Mysterious Energy Philters to our Tian-dashao. Wrap up everything for us.”

“Right away!” pipes Chen Qingfeng, who suddenly has his brows raised in delight and his eyes laughing. There’s the pleasant surprise of a big business, “Please wait a moment, I will immediately go and take it out. The price of Mysterious Energy Philters in our shop is 100 gold coins apiece, guaranteed fair trade.”

Soon, all Mysterious Energy Philters in the store are placed on the counter.

There are only a few dozens of bottles in total.

The young man in blue immediately frowns and asks in displeasure: “Why only this much?”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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