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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 93: Niangqin is Really Dense

Moreover, he could distinctly feel that except for some wounds and bone fractures in his hands, his meridians and Qi Sea internal injuries are almost completely healed now.

From the moment he had his family wiped out, until today, his body had never felt this light.

Muyan is a little disappointed.

She even thought Yan Haotian could be directly promoted to the peak of Earth Stage with his recovery.

In the end, her performance just now is still not skillful enough for the Shen Musician technique ah!

She has also lost her touch, the outcome being quite less than anticipated.

So she must practice more on Yan Haotian later. Anyway, there’s a free experimental subject, not using it is a waste!

Yan Haotian, who doesn’t have the slightest idea about his Lord’s intentions, once again kneels and offers three kowtows to Muyan.

He’s not even the slightest bit curious about such a godly skill of Muyan, having the ability to use the zither’s sound to treat serious internal injuries. These three kowtows are only filled with gratitude, and resolute loyalty.

Muyan is very satisfied with his attitude. She nods and says, “Well, you have just recovered to the middle of Earth Stage and your state is unstable. Retreat for the next three days and carefully stabilize. By all means, don’t let me down!”


The next day after a night’s rest in the inn, Muyan takes Xiao Bao for a stroll around town.

Xiao Bao grew up in the mountains. He didn’t have any interesting toys like ordinary children do, and he also didn’t go through various kinds of clothing.

Later when Muyan’s cultivation was high enough, she can bring Xiao Bao in and out of the unnamed mountains as she wishes. But they usually just go the small town near them. The supplies in that small town were very limited. The food that one can buy there was very ordinary and the clothes were extremely rough.

That’s why Muyan isn’t in a hurry to leave even though she’s already finished her business in Xia’an City. She just wants to play and have fun with Xiao Bao, properly enjoy themselves.

After a lap around town, the plain rough clothes on Xiao Bao are replaced with gorgeous silk garments. His soft and smooth ink hair is also tied up using a tasseled rope with jade, revealing an exquisitely handsome little face.

He may only be four years old, but seeing him dressed-up like this, the adorable jade-carved baby that’s firmly holding on to her, he exhibits a dashing handsomeness that would somehow make people squeal and redden.

Muyan takes Xiao Bao walking on the streets, only to feel the passers-by on both sides turn their heads, their stunned and admiring eyes glancing at Xiao Bao from time to time.

She could even hear a young girl’s excited voice, “Whose little boy is that? How come I’ve never seen him in Xia’an before, really so cute!”

Muyan couldn’t help but stoop down to pick her son up.

Xiao Bao is caught off guard, and he quickly grabs her neck. There’s a puzzled expression on the handsome little face.

Muyan rubs Xiao Bao’s soft little cheek and complains, “Xiao Bao, niangqin is really reluctant to take you out. See the expressions of the people on this street when they look at you. They really want to take you away from niangqin. I wonder, what should I do if someone steals Xiao Bao from niangqin because you look too adorable?”

Muyan just wants to tease Xiao Bao as she says this.

But Xiao Bao’s tiny face actually goes serious, he puckers his brows and says: “No, if someone makes Xiao Bao leave niangqin, Xiao Bao will immediately beat them up.”

Muyan giggles and kisses his small cheeks, “Mn, Xiao Bao is so good. Xiao Bao and nianqin won’t get separated like this.”

Xiao Bao stonily nods his head, but his fierce gaze nevertheless looks towards the second floor of a teahouse, not far away from them.

Secretly saying in his mind: niangqin is really dense, thinking that all those people are looking at Xiao Bao when in fact, some people are fixated on niangqin. No matter, niangqin is his, and he won’t let other people steal her away!

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  3. ….ive been having this feeling for the past few chapters…the little sprout isnt the ML by any chance right?

    The process to make him go down to the lower earth that stripped 90% of his power didnt end up making him a baby in her stomache right?


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