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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 88: Beauty and Ugly

The audience stand around watching as they show terrified expressions, but none of them stopped it.

Eventually, a blood-covered Yan Haotian stands up and walks back to Muyan’s side. He bows down, giving her the look of a subordinate to his superior.

Not far from them, Yan Lie has both of his eyes dug out, his tongue cut off, his four limbs severed, and even his Qi Sea broken and scooped out.

But he is still alive, suffering a life more painful than death as he makes mournful sounds.

From here on out, he would live no better than a dog unless he resolves to take his own life.

Muyan chuckles softly and says: “When Commander Yan Lie was killing off an entire family, he probably never thought that good and evil will be repaid in the end. Is this the final sentence of heaven’s karmic cycle? Well, who knows if we ever cross paths again.”

After that, she turns to leave, Yan Haotian faithfully following behind her.

The onlookers in the Beast Fighting Colosseum gesticulate at the mangled and mutilated Yan Lie on the floor. Until in the end, nobody pays him any mind.


After dealing with Yan Lie, Muyan didn’t have any stopovers anymore. She directly leaves the Ghost City with Xiao Bao and Yan Haotian.

Except for the Ghost City, where the law of the jungle prevails, Xia’an State is a prosperous, affluent and stable metropolis.

Muyan holds Xiao Bao as they unhurriedly walk down the streets. Like taking a leisurely stroll, they’re inexplicably carefree

Nevertheless, the trio’s combination still attracts the attention of many passers-by.

It’s because Muyan and Xiao Bao are so beautiful, but Yan Haotian is so ugly and fierce-looking.

Before Yan Haotian was sent to the Ghost City, he only had his cultivation mostly crippled, and his tongue cut off.

But after being sent to that place, he fought against the fierce beasts and the beast-slaves in Beast Fighting Colosseum the whole time, leaving countless scars on his face.

The whole person is disheveled, that even without the cover of dirt, he would still look ugly and scary.

Contrast that against Muyan and Xiao Bao’s bright and exquisite features, and they would naturally attract the gazes of countless people.

When they arrive at a clothing store, Muyan suddenly stops. She says to Yan Haotian: “Go inside and pick some clothes for yourself.”

Yan Haotian walks into the clothing store without saying anything.

As soon as he enters through the door, he could hear the proprietor’s voice hurling abuse, “Which beggar arrived, making my place here all dirty, still dawdling, I’m telling you to get lost…”

But Yan Haotian doesn’t seem to hear him at all, walking straight ahead.

It’s as if his ears could only hear Muyan’s commands. For him, other people’s words are like passing winds.

The shop owner initially wants to stop him, but when gets near Yan Haotian, he could smell the strong scent of blood and the beast-like viciousness that the other had tempered from the Beast Fighting Colosseum. He is immediately intimidated and he retreats for several steps. His voice begins to tremble, “You, don’t you mess around…”

Just as he turns to run, Muyan has already thrown him bag of gold coins, “Are these coins enough for him to pick a few clothes?”

The store owner stares blankly. He takes a look at the beautiful Muyan, and another look at Yan Haotian, then he weighs with his hand the amount of gold coins he’s holding. He suddenly smiles like a blooming flower, “Enough enough. Let alone buying a few clothes, even if you have me wrap all the clothes in this shop, it’s also no problem.”

Muyan looks at Yan Haotian and indifferently says: “Control your breath, so as not to scare other people.”

Yan Haotian, who had completely ignored the shop owner just moments ago, immediately focuses his attention after hearing those words and the fierce breath from his head down to his toes thoroughly disappear.

The shop owner couldn’t help but marvel: “Miss, is this expert your servant? Quite a terrible momentum.”

Especially at how this man looks so ugly and burly, while this girl is as beautiful and delicate as a goddess. The person who could make this frightening man act so obedient really makes the shop owner marvel in admiration.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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    • Dr. Qian Qing? I don’t know, the most pressing matter she has to deal with should be repairing her instrument. Xiao Bao’s little life depends on her getting off this spiritually impure continent after all, and becoming a full fledged Shen Musician seems like the fastest most viable path to that.

      That having been said, the materials necessary to repair such a heaven defying treasure must be rare and precious. I would imagine only big shots with great reputations would have such precious items. The sort of big shot who, just by having his name mentioned, could make an entire arena audience break out into gossip mode. Maybe making some time to catch up with the good doctor wouldn’t be so bad after all.

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