EMHS – ch83

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 83: Second Slap

Muyan lifts her hand up and curls her jade-white forefinger inward, “Then come, I accept the invitation!”

It is like the movement to call a dog to come over. It can be said to be an extremely provocative gesture. It also attaches completely no importance to Yan Lie.

Yan Lie is finally enraged at this moment.

He bellows, and shoots himself up in the air. As he comes down, he uses the railings as a footboard and soars toward Muyan like an eagle.

“Ah-! Be careful-!!”

“Oh no, this girl is dead!”

“Commander Yan’s Internal Force has a really formidable pressure!”

However, since the beginning, Muyan has been lazily leaning on the railing all along, completely disinclined to move away from her position.

Only when Yan Lie has landed on the second railings and he springs toward her, did her fingers softly pluck on the zither strings.

The wonderful zither sounds, accompanied by fierce energy blades, whistle towards Yan Lie.

A muffled groan spills out from Yan Lie’s mouth.

Immediately afterwards, ribbons of red marks appear on his thighs and his arms, blood bursts out.

Yan Lie cuts a sorry figure as he drops from the air and falls back down on the arena.

The whole audience goes silent for a moment and all eyes fall on the Tian Mo Qin in Muyan’s hands.

“This… this is a sound blade attack? Could this girl be someone from FanYin Hall?”

“Stop joking around. Although the FanYin Hall is the only sect that uses the sound blade attacks, it’s merely an unremarkable little sect. How could they have obtained such an unbelievable draught, and how could their people hurt Commander Yan Lie?!”

“I… did I see an illusion just now? The Internal Force from those sound blade attacks were so powerful, that I even feel that it’s stronger than Commander Yan Lie’s.”

“Can you see through that woman’s cultivation for us? I’m on early Earth Stage and I couldn’t see it at all.”

“I’m a late Earth Stage and I can’t see it either.”

“I… I’m a mid-rank Heaven Stage, this old one, I can’t see it at all!!”

On the spectator’s grandstand of the Beast Fighting Colosseum, all the martial practitioners are looking at each other in dismay. The way they’re looking at Muyan is no longer that of shock, but that of amazed horror.

A girl unleashes a sound blade attack, and the Mysterious Energy infused with it is stronger than Yan Lie’s.

Even a mid-rank Heaven Stage practitioner can’t see through her cultivation. This… what does this mean?!

“Don’t tell me that this woman is actually the same peak Heaven Stage as Yan Lie?!!” someone couldn’t help but cry out in fear.

However, another one immediately retorts, “How is this possible? Looking at the girl’s body shape and listening to her voice, she is clearly way younger than Gong Qianxue. If she is at the peak of Heaven Stage, then how to regard Gong Qianxue, the number one genius of Yanwu Continent?”

The crowd’s eyes inadvertently sneak a peek at Gong Qianxue standing outside Private Room Seven.

Countless eyes are directed at her, making Gong Qianxue almost crush her silver teeth.

Just how much had her vanity enjoyed the the countless people’s attention just a moment ago; and now that there’s too much disgust and disdain, she’s wishing that she could immediately disappear from here. Wishing that the woman in white that made her lose face, that she could dismember that woman’s body in thousands of pieces.

Below, Yan Lie could also hear everyone’s comments.

He could endure his own injuries and humiliation, but he could not endure it when Gong Qianxue’s reputation is tarnished.

With a strong killing intent, he resolutely glares toward Muyan. Through gritted teeth, Yan Lie says: “Can you only use sound blades to strike, this evil spirit’s trick that shamelessly sneaks to attack from a higher ground? Come down if you have the ability, and fight me one-on-one!”

Muyan still looks as indifferent as before. A hand trails down her chin and she chuckles, “There’s something that I find a little strange. If I remember correctly, the person who wants to buy this beast-slave is Gong Qianxue, and not Commander Yan, correct? ”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


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  1. YES! This is what I’m talking about it was just a little fight scene but damn it something happened, there were greater implications and low tier face slapping and everything.
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