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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 82: Battle Invitation

“Niangqin!” a small, soft hand captures her cold one.

Muyan quickly sobers up from the hatred of her previous life.

Seeing her son’s supple and handsome little face, tenderness and warmth appears in Muyan’s eyes.

She must keep in mind that in this life,

Vengeance must be exacted,

But the most important thing in her life is not revenge, but her most cherished Xiao Bao.

As long as it’s good for Xiao Bao, even if she expends her life and gives up on her revenge, she wouldn’t mind it.

Xiao Bao’s clever little face tightens and he coldly says: “Niangqin, if that person is bullying you, I will go and teach him a lesson.”

Muyan couldn’t help but beam, pinching those chubby cheeks, “Do you think it’s possible for that kind of trash to bully your Niangqin?”

Just at this time, Yan Lie shouts again because she has yet to respond: “Hmph, as it turns out, the person that could come up with that amazing draught is someone who’s greedy for life, and afraid of death – as timid as a mouse. That being the case, we will accept this beast-slave number three at once.”

Saying that, he looks at Ru Yan, “The Ghost City’s rule is as such, I believe that miss Ru Yan doesn’t have anything else of importance to say?”

Ru Yan reveals an awkward expression.

Letting Yan Lie take Beast-slave No.3 would reduce the auction sale based on Gong Qianxue’s bid. That is, a Restoration Dan in exchange for the ownership of Beast-slave No.3.

Although Master Jian Feng’s Restoration Dan is also very precious, compared to that incredible draught that made her advance to the middle of Earth Stage within just a quarter of an hour, it’s value is impossible to placed on a par with the latter.

And what if she’s unwilling?

The rules of Ghost City are as such, that the strong gets first pick on everything.

Even Ru Yan cannot go against it.

She says with a soft sigh: “Since…”

Before Ru Yan can say anything more, the hanging screen of Private Room One is suddenly raised and a figure slowly emerges.

A young lady wearing a long white dress appears, casually holding an old zither in her hands.

The girl is wearing a very ordinary ghost mask* on her face, covering her features.

  • Theater masks.

But only by looking at her figure and the exposed porcelain white skin, one can know just how young she is.

Moreover, despite the fact that the ghost mask completely conceals her appearance, this girl could make people unable to look away, even more than Gon Qianxue could. Though the latter is wearing a thin veil that is half-hugging the shape of her face to conceal it.

It seems as if every move and every gesture is accompanied by languid charm that could stir people’s souls.

Even without seeing her face, they are already bewitched from looking at such a moving grace.


“Does Commander Yan want to engage in a life and death trial against me?” Muyan lightly leans on the railings, her sweet-sounding voice indifferently asks, “Meaning, whoever wins will be the one to get his ownership?”

Muyan points at Yan Haotian in the iron cage.

“That’s right!” Yan Lie says clearly, “Do you dare accept my battle invitation?”

A low, mocking laughter spills out of Muyan’s mouth. She fiddles with the zither strings as she drawls: “Commander Yan is very young, it’s not good to follow the path to one’s doom. I’m afraid that you’re still not worthy to have me accept your challenge.”

When this large declaration comes out, the people in the Beast Fighting Colosseum couldn’t help but laugh in ridicule.

“This girl actually said that Yan Lie isn’t worthy to have her accept his challenge?”

“I think she’s crazy, right? Does she think that with an Elixir that can break through bottlenecks, she can defeat a peak Heaven Stage expert? Practically a pipe dream!”

A strong intent to kill flashes through Yan Lie’s eyes, “Without a match, you can’t know!”

“Oh, since Commander Yan really wants to die…”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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