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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 79: I Am Willing to Try

Sensing the coldness coming from Muyan’s body, Xiao Bao stops himself from looking up. He softly calls out, “Niangqin?”

The chill immediately dissipates and Muyan tilts down to gently stroke her son’s head, her eyes are overflowing with softness and warmth.

Xiao Bao still has a tight little face, but the soft and sweet little body gets into her arms and hugs her tightly.

Wordless, he seems to be saying that Xiao Bao will always stay with Niangqin.


In the Beast Fighting Colosseum, everyone is advising Ru Yan to think twice, that she mustn’t take a draught so carelessly.

However, Ru Yan is still indecisive.

Even Dr. Qian Qing, she has never heard that he’s able to assist a martial practitioner break through a bottleneck.

Right now, this guest No. 1 is presenting an enormous opportunity before her.

If she wins the bet, she will no longer worry about her prospects, and the nightmare is over.

But if she loses the gamble, then everything will be over for her.

Gong Qianxue never expected that even after mentioning Qian Qing, Ru Yan still remains unmoved.

Her eyes grow cold and she then looks towards private room one. Like she’s dissuading out of goodwill, “This guest, how can you be so irresponsible as to let Ms. Ru Yan test a draught with unproven effects? If some mishap were to happen to Ms. Ru Yan after taking it, how will you be able to apologize?”

Private Room one is silent.

Gong Qianxue thinks that the person inside is dumbstruck and unable to reply because of her. She can’t help but internally sneer and be pleased with herself.

Who would expect that as she is about to open her mouth, that lazy and pleasant voice once again speaks, neither hurriedly nor slowly, “Then why don’t we do it like this? Princess, your highness and I could make a gamble. If, after taking the draught, miss Ru Yan doesn’t break through her bottleneck or if something goes wrong, I will promptly crawl out of this Beast Fighting Colosseum. Conversely, if miss Ru Yan advances after taking it, then the princess will be the one to crawl. How about it, what say you?”

“You-!!” Gong Qianxue did not expect that she herself will get involved, her features somewhat twist for a split second, “You think I’d believe that in this world, there is a drug that could make people break through their bottleneck?!”

At this point, Ru Yan finally speaks up. “I’m willing to try!”

Her voice is trembling but it is filled with determination.

When Ru Yan announces this, it was equivalent to a naked slap against Gong Qianxue’s face. Her features can’t help but distort for an instant, again.

In the private room, Muyan chuckles, “How bold!”

Then a bottle of draught is thrown to Ru Yan on the platform.

Although the private room and the high platform are at almost the same altitude, they are quite far apart.

Ru Yan sees the how the porcelain bottle is thrown towards her, and she gets so scared she almost cries out loud. In the next moment however, the porcelain bottle has arrived securely in her hands.

Ru Yan has a stunned expression –

Without the support of strong Mysterious Energy, it is simply not possible to throw this bottle safely on her hands.

This gives her a little more confidence about the other’s draught.

The light in Ru Yan’s eyes grow more and more resolute, she opens the bottle and pours the contents in her mouth, all in one breath.

The ice-cold drug flows into her stomach, and after only a few breaths, it begins to spread to her limbs and bones.

Inside her Qi Sea, faint warm currents begin to rush forth.

Along with the proliferation of the draught, her blood and Internal Force seem to be boiling over.

Ru Yan quickly sits down cross-legged and begins to meditate in cultivation.

The Beast Fighting Colosseum is silent, and everyone’s eyes are firmly set on Ru Yan, unblinking.

Everyone wants to know if there is such a draught that can make you break through a bottleneck.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


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  2. Yeah…slapping face section is here.
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