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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 78: Qian Qing, another old acquaintance

Gong Qianxue and Yan Lie are also shocked at first, but they soon couldn’t help but express their disdain.

Yan Lie is even more vocal: “Not enough money and Elixir, and resorting to nonsense in order to deceive the Ghost City. This guest in Private Room One has a really, extremely unsightly face!”

Ru Yan awkwardly adds: “This distinguished guest, the draught that you mentioned has never been seen or heard of by our Ghost City. I’m afraid that it wouldn’t be proper to use it as an asset for bidding.”

Ru Yan explains this, believing that the guest from Room One would be able to sound out the difficulties and retreat to avoid defeat.

Who would have expected that the languid and euphonious voice would still be so relaxed as she hears, “If you haven’t heard of it, why don’t we test it on the spot? Ru Yan girl, on you for example. Haven’t you been stuck in the early Earth Stage for a long time already? I wonder if you’re interested or not, how about advancing to middle Earth Stage right now? This bottle of draught, I won’t charge you for it!”

Ru Yan’s pupils suddenly contract, and even her breathing becomes quick and shallow.

Indeed, her cultivation has stagnated in the early Earth Stage for a very long time.

One must know that the competition within the Ghost City is very fierce. It is the survival of the fittest, the strong preys on the weak – that will always be the constant code here.

It will apply even if one is a guest or a ghost envoy.

Ru Yan knows that if she is unable to make any progress, and stay in the early Earth Stage for another year, other people would quickly replace her from her position.

That’s why, for the past two years, she had thought of countless means, taking various draughts and even buying the precious Elixirs.

However, while they can increase the Internal Force in her body, these drugs can only improve her physique at most. They are useless for bottlenecks.

And now, the woman in Private Room No. 1, did she see Ru Yan’s predicament with but a quick look?

Could this be genuine?!

In this world, is there really such a draught that can make people break through their bottleneck?

For a brief moment, Ru Yan’s eyes stares unblinkingly at Private Room One. Nervous, her voice is slightly shaking, “Guest, you… what do you mean by this?”

Muyan’s laughter is like a light cloud and a soft breeze, “I already said my intentions and it’s quite easy to understand. It is now for miss Ru Yan to consider, if you’re willing to venture or not.”

Although the pair aren’t raising their voices during this exchange, their voices are enhanced by the special structure of the Beast Fighting Colosseum. Everyone there can to hear them.

The people below once again breaks into a commotion, “This little girl from room one is crazy, isn’t she? She would even let other people try an unknown draught, what’s to be done if something goes wrong?”

“Say what ah! I’ve never heard of a draught that could be used to break through bottlenecks.”

“Miss Ru Yan, you mustn’t try it out!”

Ru Yan’s hands are rigidly clenched on the railings, and her chest is faintly moving up and down, revealing just how conflicted her current frame of mind is at the moment.

At that time, Gong Qianxue opens her mouth: “Miss Ru Yan, if you have any problems with your cultivation, I can contact Master Qian Qing for you. I believe he will definitely be able to solve what’s bothering you. As for those drugs of unknown origin, it would be better if you don’t take it.”

Dr. Qian Qing is one of Yanwu Continent’s most renowned physicians today. He is said to have superb medical skills but he rarely appears in public.

A person requesting to see the doctor for a treatment would have to queue for at least a few years.

Today, Gong Qianxue even says that she could invite Dr. Qian Qing to see Ru Yan. It makes everyone in the Beast Fighting Colosseum exclaim in admiration once more.

In their private room, Muyan hears the name “Qian Qing” and the corner of her mouth slightly hooks up, her eyes flooding with a dense chill.

Qian Qing, Dr. Qian!

Hehe, it’s nice to hear the name of an old acquaintance!

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  1. Oh, looks like she reminded her of another person that needed to be added to the hit-list.
    Sorry, Dr. Qing, you almost got to live until your Pig Teammate spoke.


  2. If I could get into auction scenes this would probably all be very exciting, but I can’t. So every chapter lately feels painfully bloated with filler and as though next to nothing is happening. I really hope the author gets on with it soon.
    Thanks for the chapter


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