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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 76: Large Handwriting

  • Generous/ Someone who deals with large amount of money.

After she says this, everyone is taken aback, including Ru Yan who was about to announce Yan Haotian’s ownership.

“Restoration Pill? What Restoration Pill, it can’t be what I’m thinking of, can it?!”

“But I’ve heard that the Restoration Pill can only be refined by Master Jian Feng from the Heavenly Road Sect?”

“In Yanwu Continent, there are very few Apothecaries who could use Alchemy, and even those masters that could refine draughts are quite scarce. Not to mention that even among these few Alchemists, for a third level Elixir like the Restoration Pill, who else can refine it except for Master Jian Feng of the Heavenly Road Sect!”

Ru Yan’s excitement makes half of her body almost spill out of the high platform, with a loud voice: “This Restoration Pill, is it a Restoration Pill refined by Master Jian Feng?”

“It is precisely!” just as the voice falls, Gong Qianxue, wearing a white muslin mask, slowly emerges from Private Room No.7.

Her torso is slender, extraordinarily graceful, and her whole body exudes a noble and elegant temperament.

“Ah, that’s Gong Qianxue! The Princess of Jing Cheng Country and the youngest Heaven Stage expert in Yanwu Continent!”

“Gong Qianxue is Jian Feng’s junior sister. I heard that Master Jian Feng is very fond of this junior sister, so it’s not surprising that she has a Restoration Pill on her hands!”

“But to actually use a Restoration Pill to exchange for a beast-slave. This Princess of Jing Cheng has really large handwriting!”

This so-called Restoration Pill is a third rank Elixir.

In the circumstance where an early Earth Stage martial practitioner has depleted his or her Internal Force, he or she only needs to take a Restoration Pill and the Internal Force can be fully restored immediately.

Even a Heaven Stage Practitioner can restore nearly half of his Internal Force.

For martial practitioners, this unnatural potency can play a life-saving role during crucial moments.

From this, it can be seen just how precious a Restoration Pill is.

Gong Qianxue finally smiles after listening to the envy and admiration from everyone below: “I wonder if this Restoration Pill can match the four million gold coins?”

Ru Yan abruptly returns to her senses, excitedly saying, “It could match, of course it could match. A third rank Elixir that Master Jian Feng has refined can’t be found in the market and is priceless. To say nothing about four million gold coins, it won’t be excessive even if you double that price!”

Even Jian Feng can’t easily succeed in refining a third rank Restoration Pill.

Gong Qianxue only has this single one at hand. Taking it out like this really makes her flesh hurt.

But at the thought of making everyone from below greatly admire and envy her, as well as making the person in Room One be jealous and resentful of her, she feels that it’s worth it even if she expends a Restoration Pill.

Yan Lie steps out to follow beside Gong Qianxue, loudly saying: “Since we already established that the Restoration Pill is priceless, is miss Ru Yan still not satisfied as to declare the outcome of the bidding…”

“Yes, I declare that the winner of this bidding competition for Beast-Slave Number Three is…” Ru Yan coughs, ready to announce the result.

“WOOUH… AAAH – !!” on the Beast Fighting arena, Yan Haotian issues angry and unreconciled cries within the iron cage.

A pair of red eyes are ferociously glaring at the direction of Room One.

It’s as if those cries are saying: didn’t you say that you would take me away? Didn’t you say that you would redress my blood sea vendetta?!

Everyone is waiting for the moment that Beast-slave No.3 would belong to Gong Qianxue.

But suddenly, a drawling voice is heard from within Room One: “Just a moment, since when did the Beast Fighting Colosseum have the rule that if one party bids, the other side would not have a chance of bidding further?”

As soon as this voice comes out, the entire Colosseum suddenly falls into a strange silence.

Because the voice obviously belongs to a young woman.

Clear, elegant, of light clouds and soft breezes, with what seems to be a dreamy laziness.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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